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TERM: Richard – What is the quantum probability control?

COBRA – It is a concept which states that it is possible to control quantum random function.  Of course it is not possible.  You can predict it to a certain degree.  You can group it with sophisticated with mathematical equation, but basically it is impossible to completely predict or anticipate what the quantum function will do.  (Thank you)
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What is the primary anomaly?

COBRA – The Primary Anomaly is continuous. It’s a random function which exists without a purpose.  It is not negative by itself, but free will interacting with primary anomaly has a strong tendency towards evil and negativity because primary anomaly was never in touch with the Source.


Untwine : Ok. So the quantum potential force that generated darkness, we can call it contingency yes ?

C : Yes
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Lynn – How long ago did primary anomaly begin to be accumulated around the Earth?
COBRA – OK, this process was happening through millions upon millions of years slowly but began to accelerate drastically 25K years ago.
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Lynn – What are humans and the planet Earth like before the anomaly or darkness came to Earth?

COBRA – It was a paradise planet and all legends of I would say many, many different tribes and ethnic groups around planet remember that time of a paradise. This existence was without much suffering without the conflict that we are experiencing in our current age. (beautiful, thank you)
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Richard – Cobra, what qualities would a being on another planet be like with the same level of consciousness as humans? Without the primary anomaly without the negativity involved.

COBRA – Without the primary anomaly the situation would be much different because the primary anomaly is the main reason why there is any blockage to the evolution. Without the primary anomaly there are no limits (I understand)

Richard – So they on those planets don’t actually experience negativity the same way we do.

COBRA – No. It’s quite an unusual occurrence to experience something that we are experiencing here.
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U : Ok. Can you give examples of contingency in a harmless form ?
C : Well, the weather patterns on a normal day. They are very chaotic. You can't predict them.
U : Ok. Any other in the cosmos ?
C : How the stars in the galaxy revolve around the galactic center.
U : That's linked to contingency ?
C : Also yes, the oscillation of the star patterns, they are very random it's impossible to predict them.
U : Ok. Was there harmful parts of contingency before darkness was created ?
C : Before darkness it was not harmful but it could be unpleasant.
U : Ok. So when darkness was created, did the harmful parts of contingency disappear from the rest of the universe and were concentrated in these beings ?
C : It was concentrated in a few galaxies, in this local group of galaxies, and then it was slowly being transformed.
U : Ok. So the situation became better for the rest of the universe no ?
C : Yes.

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U : Was the food chain system a result of contingency ?
C : It is a result of interaction between the soul's part which has to incarnate in the physical body and as a result of that, the food chain was I would say an attempt to make the physical plane functionning.
U : Was the physical plane a result of contingency ?
C : Everything in the universe is a result of interaction between the contingency and the Source.
U : Ok. But there is more of contingency in the physical plane ? 
C : The physical plane has the most contingency because it is the lowest and densest possible plane in the universe. 
U : So that means it's the further away from the Source ?
C : Yes
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U : So the darkness only existed in this galaxy and andromeda yes ? 
C : It existed to certain small degree in some other places but far less than here and Andromeda.
U : So there was a bit of darkness in the rest of the Universe, was there contingency there as well ?
C : The contingency can manifest in different ways, darkness is only the most extreme and drastic form of it.
U : Ok, so there's contingency everywhere in the universe ? 
C : Yes

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U : Did similar anomaly such as what we have now with darkness happen in previous versions of the universe ?

C : Yes there were various versions of this anomaly, but it did not manifest fully before this cosmic cycle.

U : So now that it manifested fully, it’s gonna be fully resolved ?

C : Now it’s gonna be fully resolved, after it has been manifested fully yes.

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U : And are there other Universes with different types of reality ?
C : Actually we are going through a process of convergence of all different universes into One Universe, which is part of the cosmic evolution. And most of the universes were very small and undevelopped, and this is actually one of the major manifestations.
U : Ok. So there's other universes with no contingency or different rules ? 
C : Actually all universes contain contingency simply because it's a logical opposite of the Absolute.
U : Ok. So will it disappear eventually ? 
C : Yes there will be a moment, which will be the end of time, when all creation will be absorbed back into the One. 

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U : So when you use the words dark and light, positive and negative, is it litterally ? Is the night not a natural darkness, or the negative pole on the planets not natural as well ? 
C : Night is not negative, night is simply a phase of rotation of a planet when the sun is not present in the sky. When i say darkness it is the negativity, which is a result of the interaction between contingency and free will.
U : Ok. So the sleeping and night patterns are not a result of contingency, it's natural source order ? 
C : It's natural yes, day and night, sleeping and being awake, it's part of a natural cycle. 
U : And does it still exist on higher planes ?
C : To a certain degree yes, but it mostly exists on the physical plane, because the physical plane needs more of this, it's more polarized, and the physical body needs more rest than your higher energy bodies.
U : So when we sleep we actually receive cosmic energies no ?
C : Yes
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Richard – Cobra, does primary anomaly have anything to do with the 3rd density experience of time?
COBRA – Of course it is connected but this is not the basic aspect of the primary anomaly. (thank you)
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Rob – What created the contingency? It’s kind of a thing. Something doesn’t come from nothing. You talk about the absolute. The Creator was created by. Explain to me how creation was created and what your concept of the first cause is?

COBRA – Basically, there is no first cause. Absolute was not created, it always was, is and will be. Contingency was not created with a purpose. It was an outburst of a random function, an anomaly and those two things are logically opposite. They are two very strong but opposite forces, and the tensions between those two created the Universe.

Rob – Yeah, okay. I would agree with that. The absolute always is and was and will be. I guess that’s just a difference in terms. I would call that the Creator.

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Rob – OK. This is kind of to the dark shard strangelot bomb stuff I guess. Someone said you talk about the dark anomaly which exists independent from the source. It’s not part of the positive oneness where the Arch angels descended into. The question is: when the substances of the anomaly were not created by the source, how did it happen or who did it? 

COBRA – It was created spontaneously. No body did it. It was created by chance.
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Rob – Thank you.  Is all of creation interacting with the Primary Anomaly or do things work differently in other dimensions and planes of the multiverse?

COBRA – The creation is always in interaction with the Primary Anomaly and actually transforming Primary Anomaly slowly.  Every conscious action in this universe does transform one aspect of the Primary Anomaly.  It’s a process that is on-going since the birth of the universe.

Rob – OK.  In your recent creation interview you said that the Source projects itself into the Primary Anomaly and that fusion creates creation.  The question is, ‘How did creation come to be when there was no Primary Anomaly?

COBRA – There was no creation before the Primary Anomaly.

Rob – OK.  That answers that one.  You also said that one’s ultimate purpose is to absorb the Primary Anomaly.  When it is absorbed, what is the purpose after that?

COBRA – The purpose after that is to exist as one in perfect joy, love and harmony.


Rob – ..." you have said that Primary Anomaly will be absorbed back into the one. Is that correct?

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – After that, what comes – after the absorbing?

COBRA – The one will be everything that it will ever be.  There will be no more creation needed because everything will be integrated back into the one.

Essayenya: Real quick though, the contingency that is gathered here, is it just coming from our own universe or the superuniverse in this sector? Or are we talking about a pretty massive scale of contingency that is also gathered from the superuniverses of the other six central races?

C: It is coming from the one and only universe. All other universes have already been integrated and absorbed into this one.
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Rob – Why did Primary Anomaly occur in a perfectly ordered universe?

COBRA – The answer is without any reason, without any purpose.  This is the only way Primary Anomaly can exist.

Rob – OK.  That was the next question is.  What is it’s purpose? Is it simply chaos? But you say it’s no purpose.

COBRA – The Primary Anomaly does not have any purpose.  It is the logical opposite of purpose.


Rob – Okay. You said, I’m not sure if it was this last one or the one before, you said, that the darkness, the primary anomaly, has no use to us whatsoever, so this whole experience with darkness has no benefit to us whatever.  No benefits at all.  Is Cobra saying we could have experienced it without directly experiencing it?  The question is, I guess, the random anomaly has really no use.  Would it have been possible for us to just know about it without experiencing it?

COBRA – It is not possible to resolve the primary anomaly without direct experience, because you cannot understand something you have not experienced.

---ref: rp0915

Alexandra – OK Now Cobra, you kind of dropped a bomb for a lot of people on the liberation blog. You were quoted as saying that “It is about time the illusion of the all powerful Source is shattered forever. The Source is not all powerful within the framework of limited space time continuum. The Source did not create darkness . Suffering is NOT a meaningful part of a of soul growth aberration. Darkness is not needed to be aware of the Light”. A lot of people have written in asking “are we basically, has source been outsmarted? “

Cobra – No, the Source has not been outsmarted, but as I have stated, there is so much false understanding of the role of the Source in the whole process. The Source did not create darkness. Darkness was, I would say spontaneously the station of a random function which existed as a quantum potentiality and that quantum potentiality made manifest when free will beings decided to use it and exploit and explore it. (hmmm) so Evil was a result of free will interacting with that darkness. That has nothing to do with the source. The source did not have absolute power over that potentiality and that free will and within the space/time continuum so it takes time to absorb and transform that darkness and evil into light once again. The source is not all powerful and omnipotent in space/time continuum as you can see in everyday life.

Alexandra – OK.

Cobra – This is one of the basic factors that people are in complete denial of. This is the one of the lowest denied access of human existence.

Alexandra – You’ve certainly stirred up a lot of contemplation about it. I commend you for that.
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Suffering/ Evil Origin


Richard - Why do people suffer??
COBRA - ? People suffer because theyre exposed to the primary anomaly and because they are exposed to the conditions that are a result and the consequence of the mass sum of all negative decisions that were made on this planet.
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Rob –God is love. Why is there suffering?

COBRA – I have just answered this question.  Suffering exists, not by intent, but by the randomness of the cosmic anomaly.  It was never intended.  It exists without a purpose.  It exists as an anomaly that has to be transformed.  It does not have any higher purpose.  It does not educate us.  It does not make us stronger.  It does not make us wiser.  It is there as something other than as an aberration faction that was never intended to be.  The highest purpose of the source is to transform this so that it can never happen again.

---ref rp0715

Rob - The question is: ‘When the primary anomaly causing every suffering on earth appeared on earth, when was it?  Was it the beginning of the fall of the archangels millions of years ago after the experiment with a contingency, or was it 26,00 years ago on earth?

COBRA – Okay.  The primary anomaly was always present, but it was not something that was first understood to be a great danger.  The primary anomaly became dangerous when certain beings decided to experience it directly.  Those were the first angels who decided to plunge into that primary anomaly and this was the beginning of the dark forces.  What is really dangerous is the combination of free will and the primary anomaly and this is what is called Evil.

---ref rp0815?


Richard - Where did evil come from? 

COBRA - The evil came from a decision to oppose the light.? Its a free will decision which is made as a result of interaction between free will and the primary anomaly as I have just described it.

---ref: pc1015

Rob - Someone wants to know and I ‘m not sure how this can be stated. You’ve mentioned the, I guess what we would call evil and this negativity is caused by the random anomaly, but people were wondering, is there a planet where this evil originated from, the Orion system, or was it in other areas of other galaxies as well?

COBRA – Actually, there were a few planets of origins, the main ones being in the Orion system, but there were a few other points when this has spontaneously evolved after the begining of the experiment.

Rob – Can you talk about how it came to be that the random anomaly caused this negativity?

COBRA – It was the choice of certain beings to experience that anomaly directly and they have developed technologies to do so, so that experience was extremely unpleasant to the point that their consciousness has been mutated beyond repair.

Rob – Okay, very interesting. That kind of dovetails in with what Omnec Onec said at the conference. We had asked her what was the situation and she said that there were genetic manipulations that took place and that some of the beings from not all the Pleiades, some of the beings from the Pleiades and other areas had disagreements on this experiment that you talk about and that they purposefully deconstructed our DNA to cut us off from our spiritual connection, which she said was natural and are given birthright. Would you agree with that?

 COBRA – I would not agree that the Pleiadians did something like this.

Rob – Maybe that some beings from the Pleiadians did that?

 COBRA – No, I would not agree with that.

Rob – Okay. Alex Collier states that and she said that some beings from there, whether they had a base there, I don’t know, obviously there are many view points of that.

---ref rp0815


Lynn – Cobra, you have said that The Event will clear the primary anomaly resulting in an immediate shift for all incarnated beings and the Earth herself and initiating an Ascension Process. You have also said that until the network that supports them is completely disabled, our implants reset daily. So, is any primary anomaly being cleared when we experience darkness and consciously choose to forgive and to love it?

COBRA – OK. Any conscious act that we undertake clears one aspect of the primary anomaly. Every positive act clears one aspect of the primary anomaly. (beautiful, great)
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Untwine : You said before that when there is balance darkness can not exist, can you comment more on this ?

C : Yes it's very simple, because when there is balance there is harmony and darkness can only exist when there is a distortion and imbalance between various elements of creation.
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Rob - Are we going into a time when we are redefining the contrast in our world, good/bad, light/dark, and control/freedom? We seem to have created monuments to both ends that do not serve us. Going beyond those extreme ends to a new model of compassion, creativity and feeling w/o fear. Is that is what is coming forward or do we keep having these contrast of light and dark after the event or something different?

COBRA – The contrast with light/dark was never intended to exist. The dark was not intentionally created. It was the result of the contingency random function that was created out of the void. When the dark forces are removed there will be no more need for darkness to exist. The contrast that will continue It will not be a polarity contrast between light and dark. It will be a natural contrast between different life experiences, which will be more or less of a positive nature.

---ref rp0614

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@The Event

Rob – ... He was kind of saying that the negativity and everything is going on is kind of like a false reality in a certain sense and when we achieve liberation it will be re-attuned to the consciousness of the spiritual realms. There won’t be the negativity like you’ve said.

COBRA – Yes, of course when the Event happens, the negativity will be removed from the planet

---ref: rp0815

Rob – Another question I had from Antwon and he’s probably referring as I understand from my teachers is that the light on the astral plane, when a being is there it’s actually different. Everything is self illuminated. At the time of the event is the world, after we make a shift. . . Will there be nothing but light. Will there be no darkness. Literally, as the sun, will there always be light

COBRA – On the physical plane you will still have day and night but there will be no more spiritual darkness as you can call it.
---ref rp0714

Rob – OK. So there is another interesting thing a person said – some of these ancient Indian things and certain people spiritualist have said – after this current process there will be prosperity for 1,000 years. So clearly It’s going to be a permanent thing that were re-writing and understanding the true history of the earth and that the liberation of the earth will be permanent and there will be no longer lack of prosperity. We’ll be in a completely different frequency. Correct?

COBRA – Yes, it will be a permanent and irreversible process when we are liberated. We will never be slaves again. It’s not going to happen.
---ref rp0614

@The Event: After

Rob – OK. Is it possible, after we achieve liberation that the human free will will make a wrong turn and something negative could happen here as far as the dark force.

COBRA – NO, because darkness will not be allowed to exist any more.
---ref rp0614

U : Ok. Can you talk about how eventually after the event we will make sure that darkness never happens again ?

C : Simply because there will be enough awareness in this Universe, and the light forces will have technology strong enough to prevent anything like that from happening ever again.

U : Ok. So when the Universe contracts again, and then expands again eventually, will this memory be kept ?

C : All the awareness will be kept but in an elevated way, in a more refined way.
---ref ut1114

Higher Realms 

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Rob – "...Would you agree in the high pure positive planes, this phenomena does not exist?"

COBRA – It does not exist in this place.  In 5D and above this does not exist as darkness or anything negative, or suffering.  It just exists as a lack of understanding or lack of power to transform this anomaly immediately. That’s why the ascended masters and all those enlightened beings don’t have all the answers and do not have all the power to transform the earth situation immediately. That’s why it takes so long

---ref rp0715

Rob - ...First question is there still a primary anomaly on the astral plane, and I guess you should explain what that is for those people who don’t know that.

Cobra: Yes, there is still primary anomaly on the physical, etheric, astral and mental plane around the planet earth, inside the structure of the veil. The primary anomaly is actually a distortion of matter, which was created out of chaos. It’s a chaotic wave function on the quantum level which is actually the source of darkness. This anomaly is being purified and cleared now by the Galactic Confederation fleet, which is entering the solar system and actually dealing with this right now. It will take some time but yes, this is being dealt with right now.

---ref rp0514

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