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Richard –  Are archons able to turn towards the light and change to do good instead?

COBRA – Yes they are.
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Lisa: Now when we first corresponded it was because of information you put out about Archons and my question to you was had you read any of John Lamb Lash’s work on the Archons, you said yes and that there was some truth in it, can I get your definition of what an Archon is and where they come from?

Cobra: Ok, Archon is actually a being that has been subjected to very strong unnatural mutation process. A long time ago in the galactic history there was a certain group of beings that were in fact very powerful Angels and they wanted to experience matter so they devised very advanced
technology based electro magnetic fields that distorted space and time continuum and they subjected themselves to this technology and this has changed their consciousness and this is the source of evil as you would describe it and those beings have been very powerful Angels before and they, after this process they became very powerful, I would say demons and they actually created quarantine earth and they have ruled this place for the last 25,000 years and now it’s time for them to go, they’re time is up.
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Lisa: So based on the prophesies we have about the procession of the equinoxes and the awakening that happens at this time was this little experiment of theirs was it always going to have a timeframe, it was always going to have to end at this time? They had 26,000 years to mess around but that was always going to be it?

Cobra: Yes actually there is a special timeline which has not been disclosed to humanity yet, by that specific date these things need to be erased and they will be erased, it will end one way or the other.
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U : Are archons humanoid or do they have another form ?

C : Those who are incarnated of course are in human bodies. Those who are non-physical some of them keep that humanoid form and some of them choose to keep different shapes, some of them tend to shape themselves in a more reptilian type body. But this is purely upon their choice, it is not something they are forced to do it is something they choose to do.

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Alexandra: OK. You said the Catholic church was created in 325 AD by Constantine the great who was a major Archon. I thought they (archons) were actual etheric beings and not physical beings. Is that not correct?

Cobra : They are both physical and etheric beings. Most of them had to leave the physical plane in the middle of the 19th century. There was a big operation of the light forces which outwardly was the March revolution in Europe. It was concentrated in Europe. At that time the Archons were in Europe. As a consequence of that most of the Archons had to leave the physical plane. The few that were remaining are very very hidden and are not public figures.
Alexandra: Thank you for that clarification. I’ve always wondered about that.
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communication with anomaly

Rob - "...‘Are the incarnated Archons able to communicate or act or interact in some ways with the octopus?. I don’t know what that means, really.

COBRA – Not directly, but they can communicate through their meditations.

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Lynn – How much influence upon our lives do the archons currently have?

COBRA – Still quite much because they control the mass media, they control the food industry, they control the energy levels to a great degree but your free will is always superior.

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Lynn –? Are there Archons that have been awakened recently to prevent light workers and light warriors success and to prevent planetary liberation?? In other words, is there an increase in this lately.

COBRA – Like Archons awakening.? (yea), to the light??

Lynn – It is confusing.? I would interpret it as if they are awakening and preventing the light workers and the light warriors from being successful at the liberation of the planet.?

COBRA – they have been doing that since they came here many millennia ago, so this hasn t changed.

Lynn – So this is old stuff.?

COBRA – It s happening all the time.? Now we have to finish this, that s all.

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black nobility

Lynn – Having come across Physical Archons living here on Earth, and the positive Nature (so called Guardians), in other words, working for the Light.? There is confusion and maybe misunderstanding that there was ONLY 4 Physical Archons of Italian Nobility currently present on Earth.? That does NOT appear to be so.? Can you tell us about these Earth Archons, especially the Guardians?

COBRA – OK, it s again confusing various things.? Archons are not of the light.? Archons are not Guardians.? There are still some physical Archons in the black nobility families, Italian, mostly some of them are German black nobility families and from other nations but they are loosing power daily.?

---ref: pc1015

Rob - "...the black nobility – Farnese’s and the Orsini’sYou mentioned those types as being Archons and some of them have been rounded up. What is the current situation with some of these high-end noble families, this high-end Archons? Have more of them been removed or are we at a status quo there until the event?

COBRA – They are not being removed but they have lost a lot of power. They are loosing power fast. It is the fastest decline of their power in all-human history. Something like this has never happened before, so it’s a good sign.

---ref rp0215

Archon Leader

One of the comments you made on the 24th of January is the current Archon leader role, his role is to maintain the quarantine status of planet earth and keep certain things from happening. Can you elaborate on what those certain things are?

Cobra – No , no.

Alexandra – OK. I knew you were going to say that.
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Regarding the archons, people have this question, please clarify – If there are a whole bunch of Archons, are they actually splitting a reincarnation mission like they want to have clarification on how their incarnations work and how they receive their so called contracts and missions. Is it like us?

Cobra – They keep re-incarnating in same major blood-line families in a position of power.


Alexandra – OK. So do they they have some sort of contract like we do. Pretty much the Same?

Cobra – Everybody has a contract.
---ref am0214
Lisa: So, when you say those who are incarnated as human beings in the cabal, so it is entirely possible for these Archons to manifest physically here as humans?

Cobra: Yes oh yes, some of them have incarnated on the physical plane especially among the Jesuits because this is the only vibration that suits them. A few 100 years ago there were many more incarnated because the vibration of this planet was much lower but as the vibration gets higher its hard for them to maintain the physical body so we now have just few of them on the physical plane.
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Progress Report

Rob – OK. I guess we could ask for a basic update. Have there been anymore major Archons or Black Nobility behind the scenes removed from the planet.

COBRA – Not lately.
---ref rp1014

Rob – What is the situation with the major Archons? Have we had some major influential Black Nobility or high level Cabal members been removed lately?

COBRA – In the last few months, not many, but the ones that are existing are loosing their power drastically. All the Jesuits and the black nobility families are loosing power quite fast.

Rob – They’re losing their support base even among their minions, huh?

COBRA – Also, yes. But I would say on the highest level they don’t have the power they had before – even half a year ago they had much more power.
---ref rp0814

Alexandra: Just clarify where are we at with the Archon faction. They have already been removed. A lot of the minions have been taken off world. Where are we in that situation?

COBRA: Physical or non-physical ones?

Alexandra: Physical.

COBRA: There are a small group remaining.

Alexandra: Non-physical we’re pretty clean on?

COBRA: There is a small group remaining but they have very strong etheric technology. They do have some of their Reptilian minions. I will report on my post on my blog how they are being cleared. (Higher dimension level?) As soon as the etheric Archons are cleared we can handle the physical Cabal. We can handle the physical Cabal in a few days. It’s not resolved yet.
---ref am0913

Alexandra: You talk how the negative energies and Archons have been removed from the Astral field. Correct? (Yes) Where are we at this point? What is left to clear regarding Archonic energies?

COBRA: I will be very clear. The astral plane around the earth has been cleared. The only thing that is remaining is the etheric part of the Archon grid and only the part inside implant hemisphere’s of some people. Most people’s implant hemisphere’s have been disintegrated already. Those who are remaining are around the key people on the surface of the planet. The Archons are now focusing their attention on the key people and are trying to influence their free will decisions. (Interesting) I am speaking about the key people on the positive and negative side. They are trying to suppress the light and enhance the dark. This is their last concentrated effort at this point.

Alexandra: That’s a good point. Even those of the dark that are coming into an expanded light consciousness, they are even being suppressed.

COBRA – Yes.
---ref am0813

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