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Rob – Excellent. Very good news, very glad to hear that. Someone wanted to ask us about the reporters on the TV. Are some of these reptilians, the shape shifters. Is there any truth to that or is this just mind controlled people. What is going on with the media.

COBRA – The vast majority is mind controlled people. The shape shifting phenomena is actually a technology which has been given to certain very high ranking members of the Cabal which are of the reptilian origin. But this is such a rare phenomena. This is greatly over emphasized.
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Alexandra:   OK. OK.  You did mention the light forces taking control of the mass media -that this was a very important part to help transition the planet through the event and also how it shapes human consciousness very effectively.  There was a Dan Rather interview that was released, not quite sure of the date, but it was very timely in the release.  It kind of blew my mind because it was coming out of the closet so to speak about the apprehension and fear of the reporters and how they go against the corporation.  Is this an indication that the light has infiltrated the mass media a bit at this point.

Cobra : Yes…yes 

Alexandra: Awesome.  That’s good.  That’s the kind of thing the ground crew loves to hear.  To see some actual evidence.  
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Elizabeth: Then the control of the media, something I observed in my lifetime–the deterioration of responsible media–what I have noticed is that this conditioning through this disinformation is very, very strong in the sense that it has given people no bearings to try to sort out who is telling the truth. I feel that the way you have presented some information, by coupling this with the meditation practices and other ways to get people more connected to their own ability to choose between alterative ideas of what’s going on… Is that how you also see us, struggling to find ourselves emancipated from having outside authority always telling us what is going on and getting more direct connection to truth? So that we can hear truth and go, “That’s true. I don’t know why but I know it.” Is that kind of a goal of our own consciousness?

C: The key is to go inside for guidance. Inner guidance is key. I would say intuition coupled with highly skilled rational mind that is not blocking the intuition but is supporting and working together with intuition. That can get you much further than the mass media or any other external information source. As you already said, most of those sources have been compromised.
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Rob –  You talked about the hitting the mainstream of the Khazarian mafia thing, which was originally released through a Pleiadian named, Hatton, through a woman named Dharma in what is called the Phoenix Journals. Many years ago she exposed the truth of the Khazarian Archon invasion. Could you talk a little bit in regards to what this in The Veterans Today of this information hitting mainstream media means for us today? Rob – The question is what does this information in regards to the Khazarian mafia mean for the population now that it has hit mainstream media?   What do you think is going to be taking place here in regards to the human awareness population on the surface now that the VT is talking about ISIS being created by the U.S. and Israel? (ref1)

COBRA – I would not call that ISIS. This is simply . . . I would refer to that entity as the Islamic state. This is number 1. #2. The awareness of the background of the situation was always here. It is now simply reaching the critical mass, which means that many people who are in the position of power who were not aware of the background are becoming aware of the background and, of course, this only gives more support to the Eastern Alliance worldwide for their operations.

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Translator: ok Cobra. I dont know about this video but other people have spoken about a sixteen hour long video that will be aired on television networks at the moment of the event that will explain various conspiracy theories, and how the(malevolent) forces have been subjecting us to their will over the years. we were wondering, does this video really exist first of all?
C:yes, not just that one but there is other material that exists about this.

T: OK and it’s planned to be released on worldwide television
C: yes this material and also some other material will be released on the worldwide mass media at the time of the event.

T: OK, has it already been translated?
C:hmm, some of it yes, some of it no. but at the time of the event everything will be arranged so it will be

T: ok, you dont need our help basically
C: no, and if there are documents for me to be translated I will let you know I will have all of this on my blog. Because there will be other things that will have to be translated before the event.
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@The Event

Lynn – Cobra, how will mainstream media play into spreading the accurate information regarding The Event & disclosure?

COBRA – When the Event happens the controlling factor, the censorship factor will be removed from the media.  The media will report the intel that will be released.  So the situation will change.  It will not be as it is now.
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U : Can you talk about the process in which the Light forces will use the media at the event, who will be talking on TV, will there be pre-recorded messages ?

C : It will be the same TV anchors we have now, the same journalists that we have now will have access to the media, but the stories they will be given will be different. Their source of news will not be as it usually is now, but they will receive media information packages from certain people who will receive them from the Resistance.

U : Is it predicted that they will accept to receive these messages ?

C : Yes of course, most of them will.

U : Are they not totally mind controlled ?

C : They are not totally mind controlled, they just want to keep their jobs and they just say what they have to say, what they are told to say. And when they see the changes most of them will agree with those changes. Not all of them will but the critical mass of them will. 

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Rob – OK. Someone wants to know in regards to the resistance movement or light forces if this could be considered a form of alien intervention for the average person looking at this. Will there be resistance to the presence of E.T.’s or will the information have come gradually and calmly and slowly at the time of the event.

COBRA – I have described the process many time. At the moment of the event humans, of the surface population will distribute information through the mass media. They will receive part of that intel from the resistance agents. That’s #1. So we are not having an alien invasion. We’ve had many alien invasions in the past and no body seemed to notice. This will assistance to humanity to liberate themselves from the cabal.

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Rob – Another question someone has – do they have enough spokes people ready for the event, the initial phase at this point in time.

COBRA – Do you mean spokes persons on the surface of the planet (yes). That is a little bit of a problem because the surface population have been so programmed that that might be a problem in the initial phases. We might not have enough people trained enough or balanced enough to handle the situations. It will be a certain learning curve so there might be a little bit difficult period at first when the event happens but this will be balanced quite fast as the intel begins to come out. At the initial phase there is a shortage of people.

Rob – OK, so there may be a little bit of a 3 – ring circus on the release of the media intel.

COBRA – The intel will come out but not enough qualified people to distribute the intel.

Rob – Will they be taking over the TV stations and do they have certain information ready to release to the public.

COBRA – They have info packets to release to the public and they will be given to the surface populations who will be ready to go to TV stations and present this information to humanity.
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Elizabeth: In terms of the first phase, is the progression that you’ve described as to how it will come to pass a big information download that will come through all the media? Or are there sensitives who will experience it before it arrives? What will be the articulation be at that point? Will people identify themselves as the Light forces or will it go through the voices of the political leaders we are aware of now?

C: At the time of the Event there will be a huge download of intel through the mass media for the masses. Certain individuals who are now Lightworkers and Light Warriors might be contacted directly by the Resistance, and they will be given instructions how to lead humanity through the transformations, because the Light Forces, Resistance movement, the Argarthians and the extraterrestrial races will not be visible at the first stage after the Event. Human beings on the surface will lead the transformation, guided with instructions from the Resistance.  After some short period of time, the Resistance and other Light forces will make themselves visible, but not at the very, very beginning.

E: For instance, what will come on the media? Will it be words for people to read rather than a person speaking or…?

C: It will be a release of hidden documents; it will be release of intel about the Cabal, about the true history of the planet, evidence about Atlantis, things like Area 51, things like Roswell crash, things like UFOs that were stored in area 51, things of that nature. The names of the Cabal members, the financial system Ponzi scheme, all those things with numbers, details.  Everything. Hard evidence.

E: Will people see it as words that they are reading or are there going to be persons speaking those words that they will see?

C: It will be the same as now. We have TV stations where are people working there. It might be that some of the same people will keep their jobs and just read from a different piece of paper with a different intel than now.

E: That’s interesting. So the whole thing will filter through the system as it is now in place.

C: Yes, the structure will keep intact. The same TV stations, the same studios, just the script will be different. The truth will come through the same mass media.

E:  That’s good to hear. I am interested in that part.
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Elizabeth: At this stage, what level of people on this planet are aware of this in a real way, not because they have heard about it, but heard from the Light forces? When I read the newspaper and I try to look through and see if I am seeing signals—like when I read that the Federal Reserve Board has just been announced—are those people still playing the game for us or do they actually not know what is coming?

C: People on the highest level of power and diplomacy, they know about it. They don’t speak about it publically but they know about it.  To the mass media, there are no words about it. It’s a complete censorship at this point, still.

E: Is the censorship because they know about it and they won’t say it or on some level they don’t even know about it?

C: The Cabal knows about it. The Cabal controls the mass media and they don’t want people to know. Because if people know about this, this brings them hope. And if people have hope they will resist more and they are not so controlled. This what the Cabal doesn’t want.

E: I’m thinking about the journalists who cover the routine things that go on politically; those people don’t think of themselves as controlled by the Cabal, but they may not have access. I just wonder if there isn’t some kind of suspicious feeling now that there is something going on behind the scenes.

C: Always layers of intel, layers of access. The higher the position somebody has, the more intel he has access to. An average journalist can at this point begin to feel that something is going on, but would not get the whole picture.  The top journalists will get more of the whole picture, but he would get threats or he would get bribed at this point.

E: So, there is still a lot of danger around.

C:  It’s not safe. People are worried for their jobs, their life situation; they have to raise a family, they have to maintain their lives. These are the basic control mechanisms in the system right now.

E: But, it is probably diminishing because you have done so much work…

C: Yes. That’s true. The truth is coming out, one way or the other.
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The Event: After

>Rob – OK. This is kind of a funny question but I think it’s one that a lot of people who are new or are coming out. Could the resistance movement message become more main stream. When will it be time to call out publicly those that deceive humanity. I feel of course that it’s always been time, we’re on it. But do you see the resistance movement becoming more main stream.

COBRA – It will become more mainstream ONLY after the event.

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