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Rob – Okay. Is there anything you can share with us about any plans for contact with certain individuals? Are there going to be any plans for more intense landings where they will stay on the ground and people will get to see them, or is that a little farther out?

COBRA  No, no this is not going to happen before the Event.

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Alexandra:  OK. that’s what I figured.  You also mentioned that the reason the event has taken so long to occur is because the light forces do not invade, they need to be invited.  They have been invited. A lot of the ground crew is wondering:  Why isn’t conscious contact not being made available to us where we are aware of it, if that invitation has been presented.  Is that because we would be in danger.  Why?

Cobra :  OK.  there are many reason why the event has not happened yet.  One of the reasons is:  there was no formal invitation and now there is a formal invitation has been made many times and many ways.  This is not the reason any more why the event has not happened.  The main sub reason the event does not happen right at this moment is because that would be dangerous for some of the population.  The Cabal still has enough power to do serious damage.  This power needs to be reduced further so when the event happens it will not be dangerous for the human population.
---ref am0114

Alexandra:  OK. so basically contact is another potential element of endangering?

Cobra : I would say, any absolute proof, any absolute contact at this point would be very dangerous for the person being contacted and their loved ones.  (wow)  This is the main reason for today.  There are other reason, but this is the main reason.

Alexandra:  That clarifies things for a lot of people out there. 
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How to CONNECT / Contact

Judi – Recently we had the LA Conscious Life Expo here in LA and many people experienced the star gate portal where through meditation and music transmissions were received from the Pleiades, the Arcturians and the Ascended Masters. Do you think that this is a good way for us to raise our vibrations to be receptive to contact with other civilizations?

COBRA – Yes of course this is a good way to connect but not the only way but it’s a good way to connect.

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Raissa – Are there ships over our areas far up, we can see some parts of them. Do they know we can see them and are taking pictures of them?

COBRA – OK. One question at a time.

Raissa – Can they see, do they know that we see them?

COBRA – Yes, yes. They are aware of our presence and especially when they connect to us and if we are aware of this a certain link is created.

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Raissa – Thank you. I would like to have first contact with E.T’s. Is that something that is likely to happen soon. Is this only possible after the event and can I do something that will speed up the contact.

COBRA – OK. Contact can happen for a certain extent before the event. There are groups around the world that are attempting to make that contact. Stephen Greer is known for organizing conferences where people attempt to connect with E.T’s. This is one option. You can also speed up the contact by going into meditation and connecting with those E.T.’s energetically or telepathically.

---ref pc0215

Rob - How is it possible to make psychic contact with the space family ships circling our planet.

COBRA – OK. It’s a tricky situation. I will put it this way, you can have contact with the light forces only after you have made contact with your own higher self. You can only make contact with those forces, with the light forces through your own higher self. If you don’t have that contact through your own higher self, and you try to make contact with the light forces you will most likely get to the astral plane and etheric plane, and of course the Archon’s will interfere. I would suggest for everybody first to make direct and stable contact with your own higher self.

Rob – Thank you Cobra, great words of wisdom – seek the light within and all things will be added unto you. The light and sound actually, the divine sound current is so important.
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See Life: Sleep:


Rob -...‘How many positive military police are there actually involved in the Resistance? How do we get any sign that there’s military and police involved or are they all just not involved yet?’

COBRA – Some people within the structure of the police forces and the military have been contacted by the agents of the resistance but not many. Not at this point. It’s far too early. But when the final action will be taking place, there will be a lot of contact.

---ref: rp1115b


U : Is a lot of the police and the army aware of the plans of the event ? Because it seems the ones we interact with are very asleep.

C : I would say in the military there is more awareness than in the police forces, so there is some awareness of this, but a lot of this will increase drastically in the first hour after the event.

U : So is it expected that they will just obey orders and go along with the plan ?

C : Yes they will obey orders from on high and those orders will be coming from the Light forces at that time.
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Non-Military (Surface Population)

Rob – . And here’s another one that we’ve asked many times and I keep getting this one and I ask people to just make their own way. There’s a lot of good people out there who want to join the RM. There’s no formal card carrying activity. Can you give people some suggestions? You know, they very much want to work with the Resistance Movement. What kind of actions and things could people do to get noticed by the Resistance Movement to become part of the contact of the first wave perhaps?

COBRA – Okay. First, the RM is not making contact with the surface population at this point. This is not possible. Second, the RM will contact certain people at the time of the Event, at the moment of the Event, and give them certain guidelines how they can assist in the actual process of the Event. And third, we are not searching for followers. We are searching for leaders. So each person needs to go inside and find inner guidance what to do. I’m not here to tell anybody what to do. I am just releasing intel to make it easier for you to be informed, and then you’re the one who needs to take a leap and decide what to do. People are always questioning me what should I do? How can I help? I ‘m not here to tell you how to help. You are the one who needs to go inside, find your talents, find your inspiration, find your inner power and find the drive to do something.

---ref: rp1015

Rob – We have very advanced people who are in key positions. They’ve been delineated by the light forces. They have been contacted by earth-based resistant movements. Some of them are initiates on the spiritual realms. They have their marching orders and they are closely monitored and they are working behind the scenes and many of the good people out there will be brought into the plan as it unfolds. Would you agree with that?

COBRAYes, exactly. I would say that there are many well-intended people that are working on this project through the public sphere and they will be connected with the larger picture when the right time comes.

---ref rp0715

ALEXANDRA: Thank you for that. He’s(Fulford) also mentioned that Asian financial leaders have agreed to generously finance non military western ventures once the financial stand-off ends. Has that already begun?

COBRA: Not yet beginning. The eastern alliance waiting for the green light to happen. Not step into action before the event. They are cautious. They have good intentions. A little bit afraid for this to fail. I agree with that.

ALEXANDRA: Too many lives on the lines. (YES)
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Rob – Someone says they are a member of the citizen militia in VA. It seems as if more could be done to communicate with the good militias around the country to help humanity reach our objective. The militias could have, of course, could also use support in the form of training and equipment. It is estimated that there are millions of us out there, far greater in numbers than military in all state, local and federal agents combined. Has the Resistance Movement considered greater support and interaction to earth-based militia groups? And I’m assuming that these are mostly ex-military who know the horrors of war and have been used liked pawns and are willing to step up in a positive way. That’s probably what he means. Is there going to be any outreaches to any local groups in this manner?

COBRA – The RM cannot contact the surface population before the Event because the Cabal would retaliate strongly. But at the moment of the Event, the RM will contact certain militias – especially those more balanced and more regulated militias – and will include them in the operations.

---ref rp0515

Event Support Group

Rob – Can we ask if the RM will contact the Event Support Groups (ESG’s) possibly through the website team? Will that happen during the Event, before or possibly after?

COBRA – The RM will contact certain individuals that are part of the certain events for the groups not through PFC, but most likely directly through e-mail or telephone. This will happen for certain people in the initial phases of the Event. For other people a few hours after the Event, and for other people a few days after the Event, and they will be given certain instructions. If they are willing to follow those instructions, they will receive more.

---ref rp0615

@The Event

Contact Plans

Rob: Very good. Here’s another question. One of the persons that was with you in Switzerland our friend Freddie, who was also with us in Egypt, he wanted to know is the ground crew will be activated during The Event?

Cobra: Yes, certain individuals will be contacted in the first phases of The Event. The will receive a phone call, or an email, or even a physical meeting with an agent of the Resistance. They will be given some instructions if they’re willing to cooperate. They will be given specific task, most likely connected with informing the masses, or maintaining the infrastructure during the transitional phase.

Rob: Very good. Vey heartening for those of you who want to work with the Resistance then your prayers may be answered.

---ref rp0514

Rob - you said that the Event has never taken place and so there is no Akashic records for us to connect to. They wanted to know, will the truth of our origins our soul families and our lifetimes and earths or else will be an immediate result of the Event or will this be a gradual unfolding process?

COBRA – I have already answered this question today. It will be a gradual process which will have a big quantum leap at the time of the Event.
---ref rp1215

Rob – ... let’s talk about the good news of the coming open contact with our space family. Do you see there are many different ET races from within our solar system on different planets that are here. Eventually these beings will come forward, the people missing in the Bermuda triangle, many people of Contact will come out to support the information at the time of the event. Is that correct.

COBRA – Yes, that is correct.

---ref rp1014

Alexandra: Cobra, you also talked about advisors, teachers and instructors – would be not active but in the back-ground assisting people of the light force, right? (can you clarify this?). You mentioned when I was reading one of your transcripts that: The light forces will not be in the forefront – will be advisors, teachers and instructors and will not have an active role at first. Is it possible that those of us in he ground crew are part of this light force factions or are we definitely part of the light force factions without realizing it.

Cobra : I was speaking about the resistance movement – After the event the resistance movement will not make public appearances. They will not go on TV and start presenting things. They will contact some key individuals, present them with documents evidence and then those people will go on T.V. and start explaining things.
Alexandra: OK I’m open. (Yes, most likely you will be contacted.)
---ref am0114

@The Event: After

Contact OVerview

Lisa: Once they are removed what does first contact look like? Does it look like mass sightings or is that going to be too mind altering for people?

Cobra: It’s a process so after the cabal is removed the Pleiadians will contact few selected private individuals and then those selected private individuals will go to the mass media present evidence and then the Pleiadians will start appearing more and more publicly, up until the point when there will be official contact made between the Pleiadian representative and the diplomatic representatives of human population. And those representatives of the human population will be, they will be people from the government the type of government that will exist at that time and also some other individuals so there will be a small group of earth population meeting a small group of Pleiadians and that will be an official diplomatic contact that will be broadcast over the mass media around the planet and there will be an official invitation for the earth to be accepted inside the galactic confederation and this first contact the official diplomatic first contact will happen as a response to that invitation and that will initialize a process of the actual acceptance of the planet that will take some time then the Pleiadians and the other races will introduce themselves and assist humanity in this transformation.
---ref lh0612
Lisa: So are you aware of Tolec an individual who goes by the name of Tolec?

Cobra: Yes to a certain extent yes

Lisa: Much of what you say in regards to the Pleiadians he has very similar things to say in regards to the Andromedans, are the 2 groups working together?

Cobra: Actually there is a whole confederation of many races that are working on this project I am only in contact with the Pleiadian not with the other races but actually the Pleiadian race will be the first to appear simply because they are, they look like human beings, they’re humanoid
beings, look like humans and their psychology is of all the races the most similar to the human race and other races will help but they will not be at the forefront at the beginning, at later stages after the first contact other races will be introduced and when humanity is ready to accept
different types of beings it will be easier that way.
---ref lh0612

first contact

Rob – OK. After the event, quite soon it is anticipated that projects for first contact will start? Will people be allowed to volunteer for such projects? (yes)
---ref rp0714

Rob – Right. Would you agree that after the first contact is taken place that humanity must really come together and determine it’s own choice and who we are going to interact with as far as the inner dimensional and galactic federation of light? There may be different elements of other physical ET groups that may not be of the highest levels who may wish to have different types of treaties with us. We should be pretty careful and clear in where we’re going from there, correct?

COBRA – There will be no races that have negative agenda’s presented to humanity and each human being will make his or her own choices who to connect and under which conditions. So the first contact is basically an individual event. It’s not a mass scenario. It is a mass scenario in a certain way, but each individual will need to make an individual choice: Do I want to connect? Do I want to communicate with other races, or not? Nobody will be forced to communicate. No one will be forced to make contact, but contact will be made and it will be distributed through mass media and people will be informed and of course each individual will make individual choices of how the contact is being made.
---ref rp0315

First Contact is a diplomatic interaction between the human race and other positive races. That diplomatic contact can only happen sometime after the Event because the human race needs to be ready, intellectually and emotionally, to understand and appreciate that interaction.
---ref aw1213

Alexandra: Ok cool and Sheldan also makes reference to the Agarthans a great deal I’m sure you know of that and it says they will be logically the first ones to show you the verge of the galactic society. Now that was a little bit in conflict with what we’ve heard from you about the Pleiadians because they look so much like us. Who is going to be the primary race that visits us for the first time?

C: Okay the Agarthans are no longer the way they were decades ago. They have merged with the resistance movement and they have merged with some other races which came underground. So it is now a very complex society and parts of that society will appear shortly after the event. The resistance movement has not decided yet at what extent it will be at after the Event. This has yet to be decided.
---ref am1013b

Alexandra: I’m going to start out with some questions first because a lot of people are anxious to hear your feed back. How exactly is the Agarthan network going to play a role in the time of the event. Will they be the first ones to visit us or will it be the Pleiadians.

COBRA: That is a good questions because there are big changes happening right now. The Agarthan network is a very old network of light which existed underground for many many thousands of years. The Resistance movement is a fresh impulse of light from Planet X just a few years ago. There was a certain process of the integration of the underground resistance movement and the Argarthan network. Right now. . as a consequence of opening the portal on May 25th there is an another integration processes taking place between the reunited Resistance movement, the Agarthan network and the Galactic Confederation. I would say that the sub surface portions of the planet is being integrated into the galactic society. More will be on my blog. When the event happens there will be a gradual exposure of those different races, elements and societies.

ALEXANDRA: Wow, so you’re really saying they have gotten the go-ahead to start arriving, extrovertedly around the planet?

COBRA: I will explain part of it now and part of this in a special release on my blog when I have the right moment to do so. At the event the mass population will only be exposed to surface based operatives. I will say White Knights. There will be no direct exposure between the mass population and any of the exotic races, even the Resistance movement, even the Pleiadians. This will come gradually after the event. Soon after the event the disclosure files will be released. By disclosure files, I’m saying the official government documents of existence of other ET races. And this will fast prepare humanity for the existence and reality of other races. When that happens it will be a gradual process that will take a few months until the first contact. The event itself will be outwardly, a purely human experience. Humanity is not ready to receive any type of ET contact before The Event happens, before the exposure of the cabal, before the transformation of the financial system and before the government files are released. When this is done, humanity will go through a certain transformation, a psychological adjustment period and after that there will be a gradual appearance of more and more direct contact leading to the official first contact.

ALEXANDRA: Interesting most of the contact through the white knights, would that be mostly directed to the star seeds on the earth.

COBRA: The white knights will contact anybody who is capable of assisting in the process of the event. Yes most of those people came to this planet a long time ago from other star systems whether they are remembering or not. This is not so important. What is important is their willingness and capability of assisting in the process itself, in the actual managing the event itself.
---ref am0613

Obstacles to First Contact

Lisa: Now you have also said that the Pleiadians will initiate first contact once the cabal is removed but what constitutes removed?

Cobra: It means that they have no more say in anything on this planet either they surrender or they are arrested but they get out of the way because they are blocking this everyday the top members of the cabal are well aware of the Pleiadians and other positive light forces and they
are preventing this first contact day after day, year after year and the time has come to simply get them out of the way so the first contact can happen.
---ref lh0612

Lisa: How can they prevent it though I mean what is stopping the Pleiadians from appearing en mass?

Cobra: First the cabal is holding whole humanity hostage, so for example the Pleiadians could make a mass landing right now and what would this trigger? it would be, the cabal would simply release all it’s military arsenal on people including nuclear, well not anymore nuclear weapons at this point but chemical weapons and all the conventional things they have they would just create a massacre on the planet so they first need to be stopped and then the Pleiadians can appear
---ref lh0612

Lisa: So they are actually holding humanity as a human shield against any action like that happening.
Cobra: Yes

Lisa: Wow
Cobra: Exactly, exactly this is what’s happening and this has been in place for the last 25,000 years, 26,000 years the same situation
---ref lh0612

Before Official First Contact

Before the official First Contact happens, there will be some individual sightings and contacts, especially between Pleiadians and those who are open to that interaction. Then those individuals will go to the mass media telling their story and this will prepare humanity for the official contact
---ref aw1213

Official First Contact

The official contact will most likely happen through the United Nations. The United Nations was a project of the Light Forces which was been hijacked by the Cabal. When the Cabal is removed, the United Nations will be restructured in a way that will allow them to be true representatives of humanity. All nations will be able to send representatives to the United Nations to be included in that process of the First Contact.

And from my information, the Galactic Confederation was quite active through some people in the United Nations to prepare the planet for First Contact.
---ref aw1213

Alexandra: You also mentioned about the official first contact – there will be special individuals sightings and contacts especially between Pleiadians and those that are open to that, then they will go to the mass media and tell their stories. My question to you is: Will they know about the personal contact before time or will it be an instantaneous things. How will they know the contact is occurring? Is it going to be conscious, subconscious, telepathic or what.

Cobra : It will be a gradual process. First will be a general education of humanity by the mass media which will start at the event – about the existence of the ET races. Those people who volunteer for the first contact will be selected for the first contact before the first official contact. I’m speaking about individual experiences. Those individuals will have an actual physical landing with those ships and a physical interaction with those beings. A greeting and exchange of loving energy. In the first phase that’s about it. Some of those individuals will be left with a present from the Pleiadians – which will be physical proof of their existence and their advanced technologies. Those beings and those people who will be contacted will go to the mass media share their stories and show the evidence.

Alexandra: Far out. This is getting very exciting Cobra. I was surprised about this.

---ref am0114

Contact &  Landings

Alexandra: So you also mentioned that there would be selected individuals contacted by the P at the time of mass landings?

C: They will be contacted before the mass landings, after The Event. The P’s will start the program of contacting certain individuals in certain groups and then those groups will go to the mass media and present evidence to the mass media. This will prepare humanity for the reality of extraterrestrial life because people will have physical proof. And then more and more of those people will become visible after the point where humanity is ready for the mass landings. Before the mass landings happen, there will be an official diplomatic contact between the representatives of the P race and representatives of the human race. This must happen before the mass landings. Then human beings will be able to vote. Do you want this to happen or not? It is a freewill decision.

A: That is what I was going to ask you. Because you had also said if humanity accepted these mass landings. That kind of made me nervous for those that are out there that are completely unaware.

C: At that time, they will be aware because the mass media will be speaking about it. When the mass media will be free from the control of the Rothschilds, they will report things that are really happening. They will report about those ET’s, they will report about evidence. They will report about free energy. The devices will be reported on TV. You will be able to go buy one.

A: Now these selected individuals, are these people that are already in kind of high places , that can get the job done and get it moving?

C: People who are qualified I will not go into details. This is still classified. But after The Event I will be able to give more information and advice about this.
---ref am0712 

Richard – Where will first contact take place? (on public land or on private land?) How soon after the Event will it happen?

COBRA – It’s a gradual process and before the official first contact happens there will be private individuals that will be selected with the private land.  They will be contacted privately and they will go to the mass media reporting about their experience and then when we have a critical mass of awareness of this an official meeting between diplomatic personnel so called representatives of planet earth and Pleiadian diplomatic personnel will happen.  That meeting is scheduled to happen in the United Nations. United Nations after the event will not be the same United Nations we have now.  It will not be a Cabal controlled entity.  And even now despite all this Cabal control there is a very active positive faction within the United Nations working for the first contact.  There is a task group of I would say, a hidden task group that have been working on first contact for decades.

Richard – Have the positive forces already found private land that they are choosing from.

COBRA – Yes, of course, there are individuals who have dedicated their land for this purpose.  They have agreed with that contact and contact will be arranged.  (thank you, that is awesome)
---ref pc0416


Rob: One of the great things to come forward in the future will of course will be the revelations, after it’s safe, after The Event. Evidence of your interaction with the Resistance Movement will be given, but of course many other ancient mysteries and artifacts, and truths of the history to this planet will be brought forward. Eventually, humanity will begin to actually interact with these beings. Will they be lowering their vibrational energies to come with us, or will we be raising up on the surface to be able to perceive and interact with them?

Cobra: Both. They will not actually be lowering their vibrational frequency, but they will adjust their energy field so human being can interact with them. Those interactions will be very brief and partial at the beginning with the most advanced part of human population, and then after some time this will extend as human population begins to awaken and understand the situation more. It will be a gradual process that will expand exponentially.

---ref rp0514

Rob - These mother ships and the federation members that Cobra talks about, what density and dimension are they in? 3rd 4th or next? what dimension are they in?

COBRA – They are 5th dimensional beings and above that but of course they can materialize in the physical in the 3rd dimension or 4th dimension if they choose, if they have a purpose to do that.

Rob – Another related question – if they’re not in our same dimension will we only be able to see them when we raise our vibration or can they use their technology to contact us.

COBRA – They can use technology to contact human beings in the 3rd dimension. Their energy presence is very intense. Human beings will have to do energy work to be able to maintain that presence and survive that presence because the energy field of an ascended being, a 5th dimension being is very strong. Human beings will not be able to survive a direct contact. The energy fields of the beings of light that will come will be adjusted to the human frequency, so the human beings will be able to interact and raise their frequencies slowly so they can interact more. It will be a gradual process.

Rob – Yes, thank you. That coincides with J J Hurtak information that there will be certain areas or islands of light which he calls the “arc of the chilicosm” where the beings from the 5th dimension and higher will be able to interact as well as within space ships themselves which actually provide inter dimensional areas where people from different densities and frequencies of creation can interact and this is an important part of the transition on earth.

---ref rp0614

Rob: We’ve talked in the past about the Atlantean and the inner circle, and the fact that it was reported by Sharula, who went by the name of Bonnie. Some friends of mine were present and her story is, Cobra if you don’t it I’ll give it to you real quick and then you can comment. Her mother was an Earth person and she married the head leader of the Telos.

Cobra: Yes, I’m aware of that story.

Rob: OK, she had transgressed some Telosian rule and she had to be banned to the surface. What happened was she was shown the Agarthan tunnels of the Earth. She was taken up in various locations to the surface of the Earth and at various points of time she is allowed to go into the inner tunnels, but not into the higher vibrational fields of Telos or the inner Earth. The people that I know who physically met her told me that her skin is similar to one of the Pleiadians that I met. He said she had very kind of Oriental eyelids, and she looked very unique physically. One of the things they mentioned was that her skin was like marble. The one ET guy that I met, that Fred called James, I could see through his skin almost. I could see the blood and veins a little deeper through his skin. It almost looked like marble and I have to say that the blood veins looked blue. I don’t know if that’s what they get the blue blood from, but

I guess the question is with these higher vibrational worlds that exist within the inner Earth, how is that integration going to take place. They’re on a completely different frequency for us on the surface. Isn’t that correct?

Cobra: To a certain degree, yes. This interaction will be gradual. First, only the most advanced individuals will be allowed in certain areas, then certain direction will happen, which will open more of that interaction to be possible.
---ref rp0514
Elizabeth: After the Event, what role do these forces play? The underground culture and resistance…will they become more visible to us? Are these boundaries going to be dissolved and will we have some awareness that this exists?

C: Gradually, yes. They will not expose themselves directly. First they will just get in there through the mass media, but after sometime when humanity begins its awakening process, there will be direct contact.
---ref ew1113

Sightings / Landings

See Article Light Forces: sightings/landings