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Lynn – My question for Cobra is about general health and fitness tips he might have for the surface population. Other than the common knowledge of “eat well and get regular exercise”.   Does Cobra know of any specific or special health regimens, supplements, herbs, foods, diets, fluids, fitness regimes, air purification, and other technologies that would create optimum physical and mental health in the average surface human, even in the current culture and environment?

COBRA – OK.  The key here is balance.  It’s very simple.  Balance between various elements you have just stated can create harmony for the surface population.  And one more thing is drink a lot of pure water, as pure as you can find.  (thank you)
---ref pc0416 See Also Artifacts: Metals 

Alexandra: Which leads me to the healing modalities that are existent on the planet right now.  Do you see the majority of them being completely outdated?  I am not talking about within the western medical scheme of things.  I am talking about the actual energetic healings.  Do you see these totally outdated once the galactic forces land?  And if so would we need to all go into these so-called healing chambers?
C: Oh yeah, because the Galactic Beings of Light have much more advanced technology and much more advanced healing techniques.  So I would say this will be greatly expanded.  And I would say no one needs to be afraid of the healing chambers or ascension chambers.  This technology is organic and positive.  It just helps us to reach deeper into our own inner self, which can heal anything.   It just strengthens our connection with our own inner self and our own higher inner self makes the healing possible.
---ref am0712

Lynn – Are there or have there ever been human healers on earth that can cure any disease, physical disfigurements or even grow limbs back?

COBRA – There have been many claims of such healers but the only healers who could actually do that are the Ascended beings and Ascended beings very rarely manifest on the physical plane of planet Earth. (thank you)
---ref pc0516

Richard – Is it possible for regular humans to heal the way he (Jesus) did?

COBRA – It’s possible for anybody who dedicates his life to this to reach that but it takes time and practice. (thank you very much)

Richard – By any chance do you know the practice or where we can find that practice so we can learn to heal the way he did?

COBRA – It’s not a technique or certain spiritual discipline it’s a path that each person needs to travel by their own. (thank you very much Cobra, thank you)
---ref pc0516

Pineal Gland Uncalcification

Alexandra: Man, doesn’t that sound awesome!  That would be a question too.  Where we are here today now, is there anything you feel is the most effective way to so-called uncalcify our pineal gland so we can blow open our communication to our Higher Guidance?
C: I would say that the most important factor here is perseverance.  If you want to be good at something, you need to exercise.  There are quite a few techniques that can open up your higher chakras, but the key element here is if you do them regularly, if you do them with dedication, you will get results.  Not in one week and not in one month.  But if you do them regularly for quite some time you will definitely get results.
A:  I totally agree with that. I have experienced  it myself and it does take definitely some training and consistency.
---ref am0712

Vibration/Frequency Booster

Mono-Atomic Gold

Rob – OK. Thank you. Can you please . . they asked you to make a post about monatomic gold. There’s lots of stuff out there – people allegedly selling it. Can you talk about monatomic gold? Does it extend the lifespan? This is part of the Sitchin thing that ET’s came here to mine gold for that purpose.  Can you talk about monatomic gold? And, of course, this relates to the story in the Bucegi Mountains.

COBRA – The elixir of life is not made of monatomic gold. This is number one. So the major purpose of monatomic gold is not to extend life, but monatomic gold is actually a ___?   particles that if our connection with higher dimensions so it does accelerate the spiritual evolution quite much. The gold in the Bucegi Mountains is not related to monatomic gold. It is simply gold which has been positioned in that mountain complex by forces of nature, millions of years ago, and, yes, there is substantial gold reserves in Romania, which have been suppressed allegedly because of national security.
---ref rp0216

Rob – Could you talk about your opinion of monatomic gold powder or Ormus. Does it help raise your vibration spiritually as a super conductor and work in higher consciousness states.

COBRA – Yes, of course it helps along with other, as well as other platinum group metals in monatomic states.

Rob – Was this possible the reason for the Annunaki and the mining of gold on the earth. Is that the reason why they valued it so highly

---ref rp1114

U : When we get mono-atomic gold, are there certain forms that can be dangerous, something we should be careful about when choosing a product ?

C : Mono-atomic gold per say is not dangerous, but sometimes people are selling things that are not mono-atomic gold, but they promote them as such, so this is a different story. But the actual mono-atomic gold is actually a very high vibrational state of matter which assist us in reaching super conductivity in our energy system. And it’s actually a very good tool to increase our vibrational frequency.

U : So is there a way to discern, in the way it was made, if it’s actual mono-atomic gold or not ?

C : Yeah, you need to get yourself educated, a little bit informed, and then you will be able to discern which is right and which is not. There’s no simple formula how to say which one is not, but, there are quite good articles about mono-atomic gold on internet. Maybe sometimes I will put a link, or explain more about this, when the time is right, but now there are so many other things which are more important.

---ref ut1015

Rob –  I actually ran into some of these at the Galactic Wisdom conference in Washington.  Some people brought them up and there’s an area in northern California that some reputable sources have indicated that came from some sort of ancient Lemurian temple complex that was destroyed and they call them Andarian Lemurian Crystals.  They’re kind of like a glass crystal type thing and people say they’re monatomic.  Can you comment on those?  Have you seen them?  They have a unique color structure.

COBRA – Yes, I have seen them.  They are a type of obsidian – a kind of obsidian, which is not that rare and it’s a good business for some people to sell those.

Rob – So it’s natural occurring obsidian then? (Yes).  Can you talk about what are monatomic elements?

COBRA – Monatomic elements are usually they produce them from noble metals and they have a very special physical characteristic and one of those characteristics is connection between the physical plane and the higher plane.  The monatomic gold, for example, can connect human consciousness with beings in higher dimensions quite directly.

Rob – Are these elements . . . Can they be created?

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Rob – Okay. So, this is just for me personally, but is this have to do with the outer shell of the electrons and the balance of the electrons and their interactions with the dimensional planes?

COBRA – Yes, because each electron here in the atomic shell is actually a little portal – a little star gate.  The electron is a wave. It’s a hyper-dimensional worm-hole you might say. And it can transmit information. It can transmit energy. And if those electrons are in right position, they can very effectively connect physical plane with higher energies, with higher dimensional beings.

---ref rp0315  See Also Artifacts: Metals 

Colloidal Silver

Lynn – Is colloidal gold as effective as monatomic gold?

COBRA – Not to the same degree but it still has a positive effect.
---ref pc0316

Bovis Scale

Rob – Is the Bovis scale a reliable indicator of increased energy levels?

Cobra – I would say this is a very crude and not very exact. But, yes, it’s something you can use to, I would say, guess the vibrational frequency. It’s not very accurate, but it’s something that many people use in their measurement.
---ref rp1214

Advanced Healing Technologies

Cary: So you have at your website some advanced healing systems that include Tachyon, Pleiadian Technologies and Mandala Sphere Laser Systems. Can you tell us a little bit about those, and if someone wanted to seek out using those what they would encounter?

COBRA : Yes, we are developing under the guidance of the Pleiadians and under the guidance of various Light Force groups. We’re developing advanced technologies which can assist as much as possible in the healing process for humanity until the time of The Event.

One of those technologies is Tachyon technology. We are bringing Tachyon healing chambers and there is a formula for healing and wellness that can improve the vibrational frequency of human beings with tachyons.

And there are also advanced laser systems which have been developed by certain Dragon Groups. They are very advanced systems that can bring the healing process to a higher level.

If you would like to know more you can go to the website and you will see everything there.

CARY: Does a person have to be in the presence of these technologies, or can they be used from a distance?

COBRA: Some of those technologies work from a distance, but some of them are actually, people need to be present there.

CARY: It seems like there are some very interesting things there for those who are interested in healing.

COBRA: Yes. Exactly.
---ref ce0316

Plasma Based Medicine

Richard – Cobra, how does plasma based medicine work?

COBRA – Plasma based medicine works on the principles of harmonizing the plasma flow.  We have our plasma bodies which are not exactly the same of our etheric bodies.  The plasma body is actually  a changed electromagnetic potential body which works on difference between various electro-magnetic potential space and if you harmonize that you can increase human health dramatically.  Basically, what the dark forces have done, they have created scalar technology which distorts the plasma matrix of the plasma body and creates illness.  Plasma medicine actually references those negative effects those harmful effects of the scalar technology and creates a health matrix in the plasma body which as a consequence balances the electro flow inside of the physical cell membrane.  And of course this restores the physical health.
---ref pc0416

Richard – Is this technology available on earth right now?

COBRA – It is in a state of development.  Dragon forces, positive dragon forces are developing this but there is much resistance and there is much. . .   It’s not that easy.  It’s in a state of development right now. Some of those devices are already available and some of them are in state of being introduced.  (thank you very much)
---ref pc0416

Lynn – Cobra, do you see these technologies being utilized on earth post Event, and if so like how long if they’re still in development?

COBRA – One of the major problems is money because people don’t have money and would like to have those devices. Those devices they need to be built and developed inside of the current  system.  When we have the financial re-set it will be very easy to massively produce and spread them around the planet.  (I understand, thank you)
---ref pc0416

Tachyon Healing Chambers

Rob – OK. When we have the tachyon healing chambers coming out, will these be able to immediately reverse cancer, Alzheimer’s and other life threatening diseases?

COBRA – OK. We have the basic version of the tachyon healing chambers already on the surface. They are built. They are not able to heal the diseases directly, but they heal the inner source of the disease and the person then goes through an inner transformation and that can help healing the disease. The real strong chambers will be available only after the event.
---ref rp0415 

Lynn – What is the purpose of the tachyon chambers at the time of the Event?

COBRA – The Tachyon chambers have many purposes.  One of the purposes is to heal human energy system which include physical bodies and higher energy bodies.  And at the time of the event, those tachyon chambers will transmit certain energies that I’m not yet to speak about.  But this will be the energy support for the compression breakthrough.
---ref pc0416

Tachyon Healing Chambers  vs Crystal Light Chambers

Lynn – Is there a difference between the crystal light chambers and the tachyon chambers.

COBRA – How would you define crystal light chambers.

Lynn – I’m referring to what Sheldon Nidle talks about.  The Crystal light chambers are where we are transformed into 5D beings and rejuvenated physically.

COBRA – This is a so called ascension technology which advanced cosmic civilizations have.  That technology has not yet been introduced on the surface of the planet and will only be introduced at a certain point after The Event. (OK)
---ref pc0416


Lynn – What is the meaning and purpose of yoga?

COBRA – The meaning and purpose of Yoga is Union with the Source.

Lynn – How long has Yoga been practiced on Earth?

COBRA – Yoga has been practiced since as soon as conscious beings came to the Earth. Yoga came with star beings that entered this solar system and entered this planet. (awesome, thank you)

Lynn – Can you take a guess at how many possible different forms of Yoga there are.

COBRA – Again this is just a human mind that would like to characterize or analyze Yoga. There are as many approaches as there are beings present in the universe. (good answer thank you)
---ref pc0516

Lynn – Cobra, are you familiar with Parama Shiva yoga?
COBRA – Not exactly.
---ref pc0516

Mitochondria Reversal

U : What role do tachyons play in mitochondria reversal ?

C : Actually tachyons can trigger the mitochondria reversal if there is a right combination of factors : right concentration of tachyons, with the right level of consciousness of the host of these mitochondria, right nutrition, etc, there are a few factors that need to be combined and they need to match, to trigger that process.

---ref ut1015

See Tachyon Particles on Universe: Tachyon Particles

Aging/ Immortality


Rob – Okay. A lot of people asked the specifics about the elixir. What . . . Can you give us any possible earthly-based current, I guess, nutritional technology that would approximate these types of technologies from the benevolent?

COBRA  –  Not at this moment because what is most important with the immortality process is the state of consciousness. With the right state of consciousness, everything else falls into place.

Rob – Okay. Another question someone here has. I guess they’re quoting you here. It says, “Regular intake of the Elixir of Life to support the process – the two versions avalable. The mineral version is more effective and more powerful than the herbal version.” This person would like some clarification of the difference between these two versions of elixirs.

COBRA –  Okay. I have said as much as I could say already in the article.


Rob – Okay.  Someone is wondering at the point in time, what do you think is the best resource or combination for anti-aging, cosmetic and internal?

COBRA – The best resource is always connection with your own higher self because your own higher self, ONLY your higher self, has the power to reverse the entropy of the physical body.

---ref rp0515

Judi – Very Good.  On a lighter note, someone wants to know what is the best way to reverse age and stay young.

COBRA – The best way to reverse age and stay young is to keep the energy of light flowing.  The energy of kundalini or ____.  This is the theory.  This practically is not always reasonable, but this is the theoretical answer to this question.
---ref pc0215


Rob – Someone says, diet plays a critical role in vitality and healing and there are so many different combinations and so many discoveries out there and from my experience with Dr. Bell and the vitamin formulations, certain things are found to do certain things but everyone is different in their assimilation process and everyone has different genetics and a lot of time food needs to be taken synergistically.  Can you talk about – are there any particular combinations of diet that you recommend?  Obviously we know that vegetarianism is strongly advised.  Is that advisable for all people – vegetarianism?  Some people have mentioned that blood types are different.

COBRA – I am not a nutritionist, so I cannot answer this question in detail.
---ref rp0515?


Lynn – Iron is an important element in our blood currently. Will this change when we advance to the golden age?

COBRA – This will change when we reach a certain level of vibrational frequency but we’re not there yet.
---ref pc0516


Richard – Is there any significance associated with the people that are born albino?

COBRA – I would not put any special significance to that particular condition.  I would say that soul can express in any type of body any type condition and it does not condition with that particular condition.  ( I understand, thank you)
---ref pc0416

Music and Sound (Healing)

See Life: Entertainment: Music: Healing


Richard – Cobra, this listener says; Why are there so many people sick all the time. I feel sick for a few days get better and a week later the same thing will come back. This has been going on for a couple of years. I’ve been to doctors. I’ve been on many rounds of antibiotics and never get better. I exercise and eat healthy. The freaky thing is lots of people are saying the same thing is happening to them too.

COBRA – The basic reason is the plasma plane anomaly which is going through a quite intense purification in the last few years so the plasma poisoning I would say the plasma poisoning is the main reason for most illnesses on this planet right now. This is now much worse than it was a few years ago. And it needs to be cleared completely before some of the conditions can be fully reversed. (thank you very much)
---ref pc0516

Alexandra: Currently millions of people, infants, children, teens and adults are being physically, mentally and spiritually oppressed under drugs – under the false premise that they are a disease.  Will the sinister truth about this practices be released to the public after the event.  Will  it stop.
COBRA:  It will absolutely be stopped.  There is so much material about this already.
Alexandra:  I posted a lot of this stuff.  Pharmasuitical companies are just getting busted right left and center.  All the suppressed test and journals that have been written have finally come forth.
COBRA:  Evidence.   Evidence with hard facts.  You just need to find it.
Alexandra:  If you dig, you will see positive things are happening – showing they are so corrupt. 
---ref am0913


Rob – Here’s a weird one.  Can you cure dyslexia with acupuncture?

COBRA – Yes. It’s possible to do that, but, you see, there are various causes of that and if you approach this multidimensionaly, you’ll have more success.

---ref rp0515

Stockholm Syndrome

Alexandra: Now you also mentioned that one of their biggest concerns is the Stockholm Syndrome.  Are there ways in which to get beyond that?  Are we pretty much stuck with what we have and until the time that the mass landings occur there would be accessibility to the healing chambers?
C:  Oh yes, there are ways to get beyond that.  The critical time is before the arrests happen and not at the time of the mass landings.  Because when we get back the mass media, human beings will begin to cooperate.  They will be deprogrammed.  The brain washing will be removed very quickly and very effectively.  Because when every human being is being presented the real facts, they will quite quickly realize what is going on.  When they will get the evidence, the proof.  Not just the words, the proof, when they see the top leaders of The Cabal arrested and presented the evidence of their deeds of their actions, when they will see working free energy device, when they will see artifacts from Atlantis, things of that nature, human beings will begin to believe.
A: Yeah, they won’t be able to dispute it.
C: Exactly.
A: I do see it is unfortunate because I have seen a lot of the divide and conquer that the Dark have been orchestrating amongst the spiritual community.  I just really hope that we can step back and maintain neutrality and look at this from an observer standpoint.
C:  Oh yes, it is very important at this point not to get involved in the drama that is being artificially enhanced by The Cabal.
A: Right, right.  Once we do that we are right in their camp again.
---ref am0712

Lisa: I know you said earlier that humanity is being held hostage essentially which is what has stalled action but is there also a great deal of concern about how humanity is going to react

Cobra: Well one of the main concerns of the light forces is actually the reaction of the masses to more definite action because some people will like it and some people will not like it and we have to deal with that, so actually the hostages have been programmed to the point where many of them don’t want to be liberated and that is quite a complicated problem and we are trying to resolve this right now

Lisa: Yes it is like the victim falling in love with the perpetrator
Cobra: Yes yes Stockholm syndrome
Lisa: Yes en mass
Cobra: Yes
---ref lh0612

@The Event


Rob – I was kind of curious on a personal level. At the time of the Event when the final scalar fields are brought down, and, of course, the benevolent spiritual space family is very close to the earth with their healing rays and energies, will there be some spontaneous healings at the time of the Event – some tremendous relief of pressure and some things of this nature?

COBRA – Yes, of course. Even before the Event there will be spontaneous healings and dramatic relief of pressure, which will start even before the Event. People will begin to feel that as we get closer and closer to that exact moment, more and more and more.

---ref rp0515 (keep on top)

Rob – people have mentioned that at the time of the event, the star seeds in particular will receive healing and it will heal them physically in some way. Can you clarify if this is true for everyone or for star seeds? How will this help the star seeds?

COBRA – The healing process will begin at the event and will continue for quite some time. First thing will be a lot of healing because the control of the cabal will be gone. It will release much pressure from human beings and certain emotions will come out and be healed. Second healing of the mind because there will be a lot of Intel available, which is not available now, and people will have a much clearer picture what is going on. 3rd – there will be healing of the body with new wonderful medicine technologies being released. It’s a process and it can not happen overnight. For the average human being can take months or even years. There will be constant improvement. Not the situation like now: when we have almost no improvement and just constant control.
---ref rp0614

Rob – OK. At the time of the event will certain diseases. . . . will people be healed immediately? For instance: A question someone is asking is if we wear glasses or contact lenses, would this be healed immediately or will we just have technology that individually people will have to buy to return to natural eye site.

COBRA – It will be a process. It will take some time. First the most critical cases with terminal illnesses will be taken care of, and then gradually everything will be transformed. All illnesses will be healed and that will of course involve individual participation of every individual. Their own inner transformation and also the assistance of technologies will be disseminated throughout the planet
---ref rp1114

Huntingston Disease

Rob – Someone has a dear family member who has Huntington’s disease. It’s almost 100% fatal. Very painful disease along with fibromyalgia and some people consider suicide. At the time of the event, will there be cures for these types of diseases.

COBRA – Yes. Yes.

Rob – Don’t go suiciding yourself folks, if you can make it to the event, we may be able to turn things around pretty quickly here.

---ref rp1114

Chronic Pain

stardust technologies can be used to remove the source of chronic pain
See Articles: Control Tactics_ChemTrails (Chronic pain)

@The Event: After

Elizabeth: This applies to the healing arts, too, that we will be shifted to a different whole way of understanding what it means to heal disease or injuries.

C: It will be a matter of reaching again the inner balance of the human being, because when a human being is in a state of balance, there is no illness possible.

E: So the first phase is a whole reset and rebalancing of the essential human, who is self-healing and self-evolving and self-expressing.

C: Of course the technology will support that healing process, but the focal point will be inner balance.
---ref ew1113



Rob – OK. People were wondering, how soon after the Event will there be relief for the agony of morgelloan’s and other maladies? Are they being put upon people from the result of chemtrails?

COBRA – As soon as logistically possible. The cures will be there, but there will be a certain time of distribution and there’s a certain time to assimilate a change. I would say in the span of humans there will be drastic improvement.

---ref: rp1115b


Rob – Okay. Someone has a question. They have a friend, and I guess this could be answered after the Event. They have a friend who has some degenerative disease who has lost their memories. Will they be able to re-coup these? Is there a technology and a way? You can’t erase the soul memory, but the physical mechanism can be destroyed. They can’t retrieve them. Will this happen after the Event?

COBRA – Yes.

---ref rp0615


Rob – Someone asked an interesting question about what it will be like for someone who is blind at the time of the Event. Will they eventually possibly receive healing of this, I imagine, at a later date?

COBRA – Later, after the Event, yes.

---ref rp0515


Rob – In regards to that type of situation. Someone has a question in regards to the event and how the vibrations will change in our bodies. They want to know will people with learning disabilities and autism receive healing and changes at the time of the event or will they receive healing technology after or are they doomed to live in the bodies that have been genetically destroyed by the vaccinations.

COBRA – They will receive healing and in most cases this will be easily restored because most of that is trauma which can be healed when there is enough light present.

Rob – Will that take place naturally after the event or will this have to be organized through tachyon/healing chambers and the light.

COBRA – There will be many techniques and technologies available to address the situation and it will be a gradual process.

---ref rp0115

Body Parts (Regrowth)

Rob – Very good. The other thing a lot of people have been asking questions like: Will I be able to re-grow my teeth or I’ve lost a limb, will that be able to be grown back? Will that type of thing take place?

COBRA – Yes, at a certain point.

Rob – This is quite some ways down the line, correct?

COBRA – Yes, yes.

Rob – Would you say over 10 years? (No) Less than 10 years after the event.

COBRA – Yes, of course. It will be . . . After the event things will be happening quite fast.

---ref rp0215

New Body/Avatar

Rob – Someone was asking about: will they be able to create an Avatar body?

COBRA – At a certain point when you have the right consciousness that will be possible.

Rob – Yea, I’ve heard that too, as well as many people may be turning into their soul energies where they’ve come from other worlds and probably envisioning that type of thing. Yes?

COBRA – Yes, yes.
---ref rp0215

Rob – So there is going to be the possibility for people to change bodies. Will this be possible for people with extreme illnesses, or is this a certain? I mean, I don’t know . . . it kind of seems like we have to take responsibility for the body we’re in and even though we’ve been attacked we can get a new body. What’s the story? Is there a karma where you can’t just destroy a body through bad actions and get a new one?

COBRA – OK. There is no karma as is described in the Archon paradigm. If somebody will need a new body that will be provided based on priority. People with terminal illnesses, with chronic pain, will be healed. If the body can not be healed, they will be able to shift into a different body as we go toward the first contact and after the first contact. Like most advance races, they can choose and change their bodies according to their own inner guidance.

---ref rp0415
See Technologies: Replicator
See Life: Transexualism


Rob – I’d like you to give a lot of people hope and they struggle with addiction which is due to the electronic fence and a lot of programming and hopelessness that is present. Simple question: Will the human race be able to overcome addition easier after the event.

COBRA – Much, much easier because Most of the addictions are chemical imbalances that can be easily resolved with a new technology that will be given.

Rob – And will this new technology be given very soon after the event. How quickly will we be able, will the E.T’s release through the white hats in the military before the human population even knows that the ET’s are involved in the event. Will this be made available very quickly?

COBRA – Yes, those types of technologies will be available very quickly, as fast as the distribution network allows. I would said, In a few months this will be pretty much spread throughout the planet.
---ref rp1114


Rob – OK. After the event, how soon will we have healing technologies. Will there be a positive star dust technology that will be available for humanity to heal in a general way, unbeknownst or will this all be kind of open and transparent to everyone and go through the series of releases of the patents and stuff that have been suppressed.

COBRA – Yes, positive star dust technology will be released to humanity very shortly after the event. The only determining factor is how fast can humanity integrate those changes. I would expect the first few months after the event there will be a drastic release of those technologies and a lot of healing will take place as a result.
---ref rp1114

Rob - Many people have asked a question about when the advanced healing technology. We’ve had a lot of these questions this month. They’ve asked about these healing devices – these advanced technologies. Were these going to be probably given to us or are we going to have to learn how to make these on our own, which may make some of these technologies come later.

COBRA – Both. It will be a learning process. Some of them will be human made and some of them will come as assistance from other races when the time is right. So it is a combination of learning process and also a combination of receiving technologies and healing.

Rob – And will these technologies be given freely, obviously, yes?

COBRA – Yes, you will not need to pay for them.
---ref rp0215

Rob – Okay. We have a lot of healing technology questions this month. Someone says, ‘When will the advanced technologies be available to everyone free?’ If after the Event, how soon after the Event?

COBRA – Yes, they will be available after the Event. It is just a matter of logistics and the ability of people to receive those technologies – how soon after the Event any particular person will have access to those technologies.

Rob – Will everyone be able to gain access to this technology? Will there be waiting lists? Are there any specific plans on how this stuff is to be released?

COBRA – Yes. As I’ve said before, there are logistic limitations. After the Event, there will be priorities. Of course, the first one is food, clothes and shelter for those who don’t have it. And then people with chronic pain and then the list goes on and on and on. Everybody will be contacted according to their position on that list – how urgent and how sincere their need is. But this will be distributed massively as soon as humanity is ready to receive those new technologies.

Rob – Someone asks if you could describe in detail how these advanced technologies work?

COBRA – There are many different advanced healing technologies and they work on the principle of harmonizing all the physical and non-physical bodies, because the vast majority of physical illnesses are actually a physical manifestation of an energetic blockage on a certain level and if those blockages are balanced, then the physical body can be healed easily. There are also advanced medical technologies that are based on manifestation protocols from the etheric plane – so-called manifestation chambers or replicators. If it is possible to replicate food, it is also possible to replicate human organs and actually redesign them in a way that is healthy.

Rob – Oh, that is very interesting. We will actually be able to replace it. It seems that there will be some protocols for medicinal herbs or things of this nature in combination with energetic technologies, correct?

COBRA – Yes, of course

---ref 0515

Rob – Someone mentioned that you had said here, and I don’t remember where it is, there is some undiscovered healing medical resources on the planet. Do you know where they’ll be discovered? Are these like in the Egyptian chambers and some of the ancient chambers that will be released in the near future?

COBRA – Not only there, but there are many places and many different ancient healing techniques – use of herbs, use of sounds, use of meditation – various forms of healing that will be combined with the most advanced technologies.

Rob Okay. Well, current advanced healing technologies are being suppressed from those without money. Why does one have to pay into the system that is being liberated in order to be healed when healing would speed up the liberation process?

COBRA – It is simply because people who are constructing those technologies need to pay for the parts and they need to eat somewhere and they need to have a roof over their heads.

---ref rp0515?

Vegetable and Fruit Extracts

Rob – Okay, Luiz said that when he went to the – he called it the Temple of Purity – that he would place his hand in a device that would read his body’s nutritional needs and he said that they primarily were living on vegetable and fruit extracts. Is that going to be possible shortly after the event that we’ll have devices that would read what we would need and be able to create the food very quickly?

COBRA – Yes, it will be possible for those who will be contacted by the Resistance Movement. This will actually increase gradually as more people are contacted.

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See Technology: Replicators


Angel Eyes – Can you talk a little about the crystal light chambers.

COBRA – OK. Basically, there are chambers which are actually light chambers. I would not call them crystal light chambers but there are certain technologies which have been developed by various E.T races and Ascended masters to raise our physical frequency and also they can heal any disease and they can harmonize all of our bodies. That technology will be available to humanity after the event at a certain point.

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Rob Sheldon Nidle talks about light chambers and he says we will be healed during 3 days after the event. I’m not sure if he meant in light chambers or in just the coming down of the scalar technology will create a great healing. Will there be light chambers and advanced healing technologies made available that soon after the event, within 3 days. (No, no no)
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