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Lynn – What does the spike in gamma rays on April 10th, 2016 mean?

COBRA – It means that the outer barrier or shall I say, the Chimera barrier inside of the outer barrier, close to the Kupier belt is beginning to dissolve.  So this allows more gamma rays to come and enter the solar system.  And this has been detected by voyager spacecraft in April.

Lynn – Is this related in anyway to the cosmic pulse?

COBRA – It is connected because the cosmic pulse or should we say galactic pulse interacts with all the consciousness in the galaxy especially it interacts with the trigger point in this solar system and whatever happens in this solar system, as I have explained many times, influences the situation in the galaxy. (thank you)
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Untwine : You mentioned that the galactic center waves that happen every 26000 years have masculine and feminine aspects, does the galactic center always send both equally ?

C : No, it sends the combination which is most needed in the galaxy at that time.

U : You talked about some quite difficult consequences of the masculine waves in a previous post, what would you say is the highest purpose of the masculine waves ?

C : The highest purpose of the masculine wave is to clear and destroy old outdated structures. For example if you have a very negative civilization, which has no way of being saved, that wave can actually erase that species from the planet. And that species need to reincarnate again, in different conditions, with all the negative thought forms, negative inventions and social structures being destroyed.

U : So when darkness will be over, there will still be masculine waves but they will not be destroying things yes ?

C : There will still be masculine waves but they will just inspire people in very bold actions, to explore the universe, to reach higher, they will not need to destroy anything anymore.

U : Ok. And how do waves from the galactic center manifest in the liberated universe at this point ?

C : As energy waves which inspire. Actually they are big opportunities for fast and extremely accelerated spiritual growth, for quantum leaps.
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Rob - A lot of people have been talking about this thing called the Wave. I don’t know, there’s allegedly some scientist who supposedly has nailed it down to the thing. I kind of feel like it’s we are in the wave now, aren’t we Cobra?

COBRA – Actually we’re in the wave for quite some time. As I’ve said many times before the increased activity of the Galactic Center. And people have various names for this and one of the peaks is coming in the next few months and there will be much much more of those energy peaks happening in the future and one of those peaks will result in the event. It is extremely hard to predict which one will be the right one.

Rob – Exactly, that’s what I was feeling. It’s a succession of increases that have windows of opportunity.

COBRA – Exactly.

Rob – That’s one of the things that I have a lot of respect for you, that you’ve never set a date. It’s always a window or a possible time zone. You would agree that there is a window of opportunity peak coming in the near future, yes?

COBRA – Yes, yes, I would agree with that.

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Dispelling Fears

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Untwine : So there are also happenings in other star systems that are tied to what’s happening here ?
C : Yes because planet Earth is, I would say the focal point of the cosmic transformation and what is happening here is influencing the whole galaxy and the whole universe, it’s part of the same process.

U : Can you give an example of happenings in other star systems that are tied to what’s happening here ?
C : So as we are getting closer to the final liberation, there are strong waves of energy coming from the galactic center, and they are influencing this planet, and also other star systems. And each time we have a certain breakthrough here on this planet, this allows stronger and stronger energies to flow through from the Galactic Center and throughout the galaxy and this does influence all star systems in this galaxy at least.

Untwine : And those waves from the Galactic Center, they travel faster than light ?
C : Yes some of them travel faster than Light, depends on which aspect you are referring to.

U : Ok so when they are sent from the Galactic Center they can arrive here almost instantly ?
C : Yes those who are, I would say the Tachyon waves, and other aspects which are not tied to the physical plane, they arrive here immediately.

U : Ok. And for some of them it can take time for them to arrive ?
C : On the physical plane what we are experiencing is actually a result from the past galactic superwave because the distance between this planet and the Galactic Center is roughly 25000 light years and this is approximately the same as the time for one Galactic cycle, so what we are experiencing on the physical plane is the previous galactic superwave, and what we are experiencing on the higher planes is this current galactic superwave.

U : Ah ok that’s why we are 25000 light years away from the Central Sun.
C : Yeah it’s not a coincidence.

U :  Ok. And those physical particles from the Central Sun, what are they and what do they do ?
 : They are protons, electrons, all those particles that physicists know about, and what they do usually when the galactic superwave comes, they increase the activity of all the suns, all the stars which come on the shockwave front of the galactic superwave, and when those suns get more active they of course influence the climate of the planets in solar systems connected with those stars. So every 25000 years we have a quite strong shift, planetary shifts and other disruptions on the planet.
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Alexandra: Are you familiar with Nassim Haramein.
C: Yes.
A: He is just fascinating to listen to.  He is actually mentioning that the Earth will be taking the position of Venus, do you agree with that? and then Mars will take the position of Earth.
C: I wouldn’t agree with that.  You see the planets will just stay in their own orbits.  There will not change orbits or anything of that nature.  The solar system on the outside will look quite much the same.  I will say there will be some changes but those changes will be more on a subatomic scale.  There will be some changes in the structure of subatomic particles.  But the general orbit of the planets will just be kept the same.
A: OK, because you know what I am talking about.  He actually talks about the orbiting going in a horizontal fashion.  We always see it like from this very flat plane like your taught in school.
C: Yes, yes.
A: I thought that was very interesting.
C: Well I will just say that the orbits will stay the same.
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Rob – Okay. Here is another question. It says, “In a recent interview, you said deep earth changes were at least 15 years late. It’s quite obvious that our Galactic friends have been monitoring and protecting us – the sun and the Earth to make sure that such deep changes like volcanic activity are kept at bay for some time” and this is presumably to give mankind more time to awaken and raise their consciousness. What they wanted to know was, “Are these changes connected to the photon belt in any way and given the earth changes that will take place in the future you see some of these changes taking place before 2015 is over?”

COBRA – Okay. There is no thing as a photon belt because the majority of the incoming energy flow from the galactic center is not coming through photons and as I’ve said I’m not giving any exact time line predictions of when things are supposed to happen.

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Rob – Thank you. Are we really passing through the photon belt.


Rob – The movement through the central plane that Sheldon Nidle talks about is not really accurate in your opinion then.

COBRA – This description is not accurate from scientific point of view. There are a few mistakes there. First, the central sun is not Alcione. Alcione is the central sun of the Pleiadian star system. We are not orbiting around Alcione. We are orbiting around the galactic central sun and 2nd. It’s not a photon belt it’s more of a tachyon energy wave and also high energy particles. Energy which is coming from the galactic central sun every 25k years.

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Rob – OK. So our sun does not revolve around Alcione. (No, it does not.) OK. What is the 25K year cycle? We don’t circle the entire galaxy in that period do we?

COBRA – No, it is actually a cycle of 1 pulse of the galactic central sun and the procession of the earth axis entrains to that cycle.

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Rob - Someone wants to know about astrology becoming redundant.  Was it a false contract to keep us imprisoned in the 3rd dimension?  According to Dr. Bell, the stars impel, they don’t compel, and it’s basically the science, the magnetic influence, the planets on the human biology effecting our hormones and our endocrine glands and chakras, and that if we are completely enlightened and attuned to source, that astrology has no effect.  Fred says a man makes his own destiny. He said for the average person enmeshed in human life, that the planets certainly do have effects and can affect our feelings and consciousness.  Can you talk about astrology and it’s validity or redundancy at this point in time?

COBRA – Basically, I have already answered this question, but I’d like to add that astrology on a planetary scale can be a very useful tool that we can use to further the planetary liberation process, because planets do have energy fields and those energy fields create interference patterns and those interference patterns influence the planetary situation quite much. And if we ride through the wave of those interference patterns, we can improve the situation. We can speed up the process towards the Event.

---ref: rp0915

U : You've explained before how archons manipulate astrology and astrological influences, can you talk a bit more about that ? Are we not meant to be stuck with a natal chart all our life, or is this natural ?

C : Natural charts and horoscope actually show tendencies for you, but you always have free will, and you can go beyond those tendencies. And of course, what the archons do, they use their technology to strengthen the bad aspects of the chart, and they use astrological trends and progressions through rituals on certain key individuals, and certain key moments of human history, to change the outcome of the events.

U : Ok. So the whole thing of dividing energy into the different zodiac signs, it's natural as well ?

C : To a certain degree yes but there is also an artificial structure which is part of the veil which has been existing on this planet for the last 25000 years. It's an energy matrix created by scalar waves, which actually distort the energies of the zodiac signs.

U : And so they make it all negative, and they prevent flexibility so we don't have free will over it, yes ?

C : They actually limit the free will, so if you're born in a certain sun sign, they use that technology to suppress the positive aspects of that sign, and to enhance the negative aspects of that sign. It's part of the veil, part of the technology of the veil.

U : And so when this is removed, will we be able to choose any sign we want to be ? How will it work ?

C : You will still have your natal chart, your horoscope, but it will be much more flexible dealing with the energies and with the characteristics of your character.

---ref ut0915

U : So the zodiac constellation system, is there the same system on every planet in the universe ?

C : Actually, usually there are 12 zodiac signs, that connect with the 12 rays emanating from the Source, but the actual exact meaning of those signs vary from planet to planet and from star system to star system.

U : Ok. How about the 13th sign and 14th signs that alternate every 13000 years, is that true ?

C : This is just a symbolic representation, because there's actually the 13th ray which is the mystery of the free will, and it has been integrated in the zodiac as a 13th sign. And yes you also have various interpretations of 14 signs, which actually describe more the stargate between the galactic central sun and the edge of the galaxy.

U : So the silver and golden gate ?

C : Exactly.

U : Ok. Because these two constellations, the 13th and the 14th, they kind of touch the ecliptic, so do you think it's only an interpretation, or is there an actual zodiac sign ?

C : Yes they touch the ecliptic because basically the solar system that we are now in, is entrained to the cycles of the galactic central sun, and the tilt of the ecliptic is not a coincidence.

U : Ok. Yes it's synchronized with the beating of the central sun.

C : Exactly.
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Alexandra – I had a lady who wrote right in about one of your posts and she was confused because you put a chart out about  Nov 23, 2013 star tetrahedron.  She ran one and was not able to come up with the star tetrahedron.  What astrology did you base that on.
COBRA  – This was a heliocentric chart and not a geocentric chart.  Most astrologers use geocentric charts and they show the positions of the planets relating to planet earth.  The chart that I use is for the whole solar system, not just this planet.  It’s a heliocentric charts and it shows this 6 pointed star formation, if you were looking from the sun you would see that formation in the sky on Nov 23rd, but not from the earth.  This portal isn’t just affecting our planet, but the whole solar system.  Which is a much more greater scope and much more powerful energy.
Alexandra – Yea, absolutely.  Wow.  Too bad we can’t see it. If you were in the solar system, where would you be able to see it?
COBRA  – If you were looking from the sun,  you would be able to see 6 planets at approximately. 60 degrees apart. You will be able to feel the energy on that day.
Alexandra – What do you think it will feel like?
COBRA  – Let’s wait and see.
Alexandra – You’re so funny. 
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Birth Charts

Alexandra:   Good.  There are still questions regarding about our birth charts.  We brought this up last time.  Because of the fact that our solar system is in a different location of the galaxy, wouldn’t the astrology loose it power and it’s influence over the birth charts?
COBRA:  The position of our solar system and galaxy has changed so little in our lifetime it’s negligible.  The birth axis has changed according to the stars, maybe 1 degree which can of course be taken into account.  Planets in the solar system are emitting frequencies and they do influence you.  You do have free will.
Alexandra:   I thought you said we will be blown away when we look to the sky after the event because the stars and everything will not look the same as it does now.  Did you say that before?
COBRA:  Yes, there is a tachyonic membrane around the earth which is preventing some signals from reaching the surface of the planet.  When this is removed you will see the sky as it actually looks like at this moment.  Many of the stars are hundreds of light years away and that is the light you are looking at.  After the event you will not only receive photons, you will receive tachyon.  You will see the sky as it looks like at this moment, not like it did hundreds and hundreds of years ago.
Alexandra:   Will it be different colors, will the planets be in a different locations.
COBRA:  Most of the stars will be in somewhat different locations.  You will be able to see certain things you won’t be able to see right now, like motherships which are cloaked right now.  Some other things I will not speak about yet.
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Solar Flares

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Comet lovejoy Avtivations

Tell us a little more information about the comet love joy and the Pleiades and how these energetic waves are going to restructure the tunnels of Set and make way for a great transformation. Can you share the good news and what you think might come from this.

COBRA – OK. The activation is taking place tomorrow although the energies are already coming. The Pleiades emanate a very positive and loving energy and the plasma of the tail of comet love joy is right now in the line of sight as seen from earth to the Pleiades so the pleiadian energy passes through the plasma tail of the comet Love-joy before it reaches the earth. So we will actually get some very highly charged plasma particles of light reaching the surface of the planet and those highly charged positive plasma particles will infiltrate the tunnels of Set which are plasma wormholes on a quantum level and begin to transforming them. This will begin to address some primal basic situations and energetically speaking which has been keeping this planet in darkness for ages. And this is the first time this is changing ever in human history so it’s a huge thing. The consequence are hard to predict but they will be positive.
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Comet ISON

Alexandra – We’re starting to tie up hour – I really want your opinion on the video that was put out – from another country, I think it was Portuguese – they were comparing your take on Ison vs tolec – Do you want to comment on that?  That had a lot of information.
Cobra – I have stated my perspective ison.  People can interpret it any way they want.
Alexandra – Did you feel that some of the comments were even possible, for example it actually had a  magnetic field of radiation around it and it was in a cage but it was cloaked.
Cobra – People have problem because my perspective is not the same as Tolec had and they want to reconcile that fact  What I’m saying is.  Comet ison was regular comet, no space ship inside or outside or anywhere near it.  Nothing significent. It was important to awaken masses to the reality of existence of states beyond the planet.  Space ships all over the place, in all kinds of orbits around this planet, in the solar system.  They are not limited to any cometary orbit . They are everywhere.
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T:Since we have a little bit of time, we have a couple of questions that our public has asked us. On the Ison comet and if you have any comment on thatand how that will affect the Earth.
C: Ok, there is a mass of disinformation on this which has been started about this comet. Nothing special will happen, this is just a regular comet that will in no way affect the population of the planet. It is not a spaceship, it does not hide any spaceships. It is just a comet.

T:ok, and is it just a scare tactic of the CIA
C: yes,it is a scare tactic because people are confused and do not know what is true and what is not.

T: He says Tolec says the absolute opposite.
C: Yes, that’s ok. People can say whatever they want. Im just saying whatever the situations is what is ( in the background).
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Alexandra – Back to James McCanney – He was putting out a video and audio and how Comet Ison had passed by Mars.  What they saw was an electrical charge once it passed by Mar’s field.  The comet itself turned to a neon green from carbon monoxide and that sort of thing.  But it also put around a green auric field around the planet.  Can you comment on that and what will this comet do as if affects our planet.
COBRA  – Actually this dramatic discharge happens all the time.  I think the earth will be too far away from the comet for us to experience the same affect.  We experience this from our own sun.  Every time the sun gets more active you can see the Dancing lights in the sky very high up north.  This dramatic discharge is a common phenomena.  This is not dangerous or sensational.  It looks beautiful and that’s about it.
Alexandra –  It looks beautiful but that’s it.  There’s such a big deal being made of it.
COBRA  – Yes, it’s a media hype to increase sales.  This information put it out of context and out of proportion to get better ratings.  Same with alternative media.  Same phenomena.
---ref am1013a
 Alexandra: Are you familiar with James McCanney.  (maybe) He’s a physicist.  He’s been studying this for several decade.  This whole comet Ison.  He developed a model called the plasma discharge comet.  He’s been on his band-box to say thattThere is an impact that is going to occur with the comet and the sun in November of this year and will continue to run through 2014.  It will be so bright and so off scale there is no way that they could describe it.  There has been nothing like it.  The first thing that came to my mind is it sounded like the event.
COBRA  – It is totally un related thing.  This comet will get closest to the sun on Nov 28.  Most likely it will not get bright at all.  All speculation about this comet is complete disinformation.
Alexandra – iIs this comet causing weather anomalies.
COBRA  – No I don’t agree with that.
---ref am1013a
Alexandra:There has been some convincing info about Comet Ison – They’re showing how it’s not a comet but it may be 3 ships shaped like an arrowhead.  It has not only changed course but it is somewhat erratic in the movement which it is taking.  A comet would just keep moving forward.  This was indicating that it was a ship of some sort.  Thoughts?
COBRA:  I will have to disappoint you.  Disinformation. It is a comet, not a ship.  The ships of the light forces have such advanced technology.  They are coming from other star system. They don’t need weeks or 3 months to travel the solar system.  It’s like if you would like to walk to the moon. (That’s a good point)  These ships can travel through worm holes and through star gates.  They need maybe 1 or 2 minutes.  They don’t need months to travel the solar system.  It’s a very backward technology in space travel terms.  2 or 3 months?  That’s a terrible waste of time.
Alexandra:   I would say so. 
---ref am0913

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Rob - Someone wanted to know if you could talk about the sacred numerical codes in regards to the Event. Is there anything involved in sacred geometry and math at the timing of the Event? 

COBRA - Sacred geometry is actually very much connected with the passing of cosmic cycles, so yes, the Event is a moment of intersection of certain cosmic cycles, so when the right combination of energies which is related to those cosmic cycles appears, the Event will happen.
---rp1015 (see more on Sacred Geometry on Creation: Femenine Energy: Sacred Geometry and Fibonacci Sequence)

Portal Activations

Elizabeth: Do you want describe some of the activations and clearing of these portals that you’ve been working with and how we can also participate in that? That whole scenario of the blocked portals that kept good energies from flowing forth, like the Goddess energy, and how we clear them? I think that’s of interest to a lot of people.

C: It’s a process. Each portal that we activate brings us closer to the final goal of completely clearing the etheric plane. The Archons had invaded the etheric plane 25,000 years ago and were closing off one vortex after the other. This process was completed about 1,600 years ago when the Roman Catholic cults completely suppressed the Goddess energy on the planet. On each of those vortex points when we had temples of the goddess before there was a catholic church. This was the completion of the dark creed.  Then you know what happened; we had the dark ages, the Middle Ages. Then about 500 years ago the first Renaissance brought the beginning of the process of planetary purification. We have now reached a point in the last few years when we are in the final stages of that purification. Each of the portals we activate brings us closer to the final goal of complete liberation of the etheric plane. As soon as the etheric plane is liberated, extremely fast the physical plane is going to follow.  And then we are free.

E: Could you just talk about what these portals are? What is their dynamic? How would we know if we were living near one? What kind of energy is it that that we could discover or is it very esoteric to even try to understand that?

C: A dimension portal is a double vortex of energy that actually transmits energy between different dimensions.  Then the energy can be used. It is a neutral energy. You can use if for good purposes or somebody could use it for not-so-good purposes. When the portal is activated property, it can become a very strong, supportive vortex for the light. It can actually change the energetic signature of that area. It can improve the living conditions of the people, their well-being. This is the reason why we are going from place to place activating those portals. If we have a mass meditation on a certain specific date, that can trigger the opening of that portal, it can have a planetary global effect of improving the planetary situation.
---ref ew1113

Elizabeth: Do you want describe the activation that is coming up on the 23rd [of November], the context of that date and the place that you’ve chosen to do the work?

C: It is actually the Shift of the Ages. It is the moment astrologically speaking that we are entering a new cycle. The old cycle did not end on December 21 last year as many people have realized. The actual turning point is now in November. It will not manifest outwardly as anything special but energetically speaking it will be the peak of transition.  From that point on the light forces will have much more power; they will have much more initiative on this planet and the dark forces will be on retreat from that day on. They will be in defensive from that day on. We have chosen Florence in Italy because we are grounding the energies of the new Renaissance, and Florence was the anchor point for the first Renaissance, where a process of planetary purification started about 500 years ago.  Now we are anchoring the same energy on a higher octave in the same place that will allow us to bring this new myth that we were speaking about, this new collective story that will not include the darkness.

E: It is a pretty exciting opportunity to be conscious of all this! How do you see all of us helping? I know you put on your website the time of a synchronized meditation and so on. Is that the best way to feel connected to this and make your presence felt for as many people we can reach as possible?

C: Yes. There are a few things that you can do. Number one is to join our weekly meditation group each Sunday, different time zones of course, but each Sunday it is happening around the world at the same moment.   The more people who will get into this, the more effect it will have. We not yet reached the critical mass, that’s why we don’t have the result we want. If we get more people, we will be more powerful. Then of course you can join our major planetary activation portals. For example, we had a peace portal activation on August 25. We had masses of people joining; we reached the critical mass. Just the video alone was seen by a quarter of a million people. You can see the results were very, very direct and very dramatic. We have prevented a military invasion in Syria as a result of the activation of the Peace Portal, so this was a huge accomplishment. If people participate in the following activations, the first on 23rd November and there will be more, then we can get more results. And the third thing that is very important at this time is the creation of event support groups. Event support groups are groups that meet physically once a week at least to hold the energy of preparation for the Event, to hold the energy of awareness of the Event, and when the Event happens those groups will serve as communication centers and will give advice to confused human population. There are many things that you can do.

---ref ew1113

Alexandra: Did you feel the peace portal activation that we did on Sunday was a success?

COBRA: Yes, a massive success. We have managed to reach critical mass. I have just put a report about it on my blog. The Archons have many negative vortexes before which were encompassing a great area. The last 2 vortexes that were cleared were The Egypt vortex that was cleared last week and then this past Sunday the Syria vortex was cleansed as a result of this meditation. Now the Archons can not influence nation events any more. They don’t have this energetic infrastructure any more. This was a huge success.

Alexandra: Very cool. I feel that too.
---ref am0813

Alexandra: I just got back from one of my missions. We did a lot of vortex work in Arkansas. I felt a huge release for this country in that area.

COBRA: It’s happening everywhere on the planet right now.
---ref am0813

ALEXANDRA:  ... do you have anything to say about the conference in Hawaii?
COBRA:  Yes.  We have anchored the goddess presence as the portal was opened.  This was very much needed.  Integrate and balance the male and female aspect. We are forming Goddess groups.  More info on the blog when the time is right.
---ref am0613
ALEXANDRA:  Cool.  Did you have a major breakthrough?
COBRA: There is another breakthrough after Irvine, Laguna conference and the opening of the portal.  There is another breakthrough happening right here, not only here but there is a major transformation taking place between the Resistance movement and the Galactic Confederation.  I will post more about this in my blog.
ALEXANDRA:  Fantastic.  A lot of us are noticing that there has definitely been a shift since the May 25th Portal opening.  (Yes) I mean a huge shift. We all are feeling it.
COBRA:  Yes, This is the purpose of the portal when we did it.  Now we can harvest the good effects from it.
ALEXANDRA:  Good, that’s great. 
---ref am0613

ALEXANDRA:  You can just feel it.  It really did shift after May 25th.
COBRA: Yes, this is why I was issuing the call for as many people as possible to join us in Laguna  because the more people join the portals, the more effect we have on the planetary situation.  This is something else people can do:  when the portal arrives, when any of the activation arrives, gather together as many people as possible to reach critical mass.  The third thing is the Sunday meditations. The more people get together on Sunday to help liberate the planet the more we can be efficient and help speed up the process.
ALEXANDRA:  Yes. That is definitely true.  We want to speed up the process.  
---ref am0613

ALEXANDRA:  We have a little bit of time to go over May at this time.  Before we do, is there anything you want to say about May from an energetic point?
COBRA:  The opening of the portal that was successful that triggered a process that will assist us to get us to the event and further than that.
ALEXANDRA:  We really feel like we are moving forward.
ALEXANDRA:  It feels so good.
---ref am0613

Aion Portal Activation

(Alfred) Now, one thing that I’ve heard that was attributed to you was that on November 23rd 2013, there was a shift in frequency, I think coming from the galactic center. Is that correct? Could you talk more about that?

(Cobra) Yes. Actually what we did is we opened the so-called “Aion Portal.” The Aion portal was a moment of great cosmic importance as it was the moment when a certain energy wave came from M87 Galaxy through the center of our galaxy and to our solar system. Astrologically speaking, it was the exact moment of the peak of the Uranus Pluto Square. That signifies the moment when the greatest tension begins to be released through a conscious revolution, especially concerning the financial system. As you probably know, just a few hours after the opening of this portal, a historic agreement was reached with Iran, which was not possible for many years before that. So it’s a big breakthrough.

(Alfred) So, on the one hand the historic agreement with Iran is a breakthrough, but you’re saying that all of the gathering around Mandela in South Africa is really a smokescreen. Is that a characterization that you would make?

(Cobra) Yes.
---ref aw1213
Translator:Cobra do you have any other information or advice to give us today?
C: Well I would ask as many people as possible to join us for the activation of the AION portal on November 23rd for people in Italy especially you can come to Florence Conference with us. It is gonna be a big breakthrough energetically for the planet.
---ref gx1113

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Windows of Opportunity

Rob – Okay. This is an interesting question. I think you kind of answered it before. Is there supposed to be another, as you said, influx of energies between October and December – is what this person says. Does it have the potential to trigger the Event?

COBRA – It window of opportunity has the potential to trigger the Event, including this one.

---ref rp0815

Rob - Of course anyone wants to know, is it looking like the window of our opportunity is looking more possible at this time with these positive drastic changes in these last few days in regards to the event taking place within that window of opportunity. Is it a possibility.

COBRA – It’s a possibility but it was always a possibility. Those events that are happening right now are just a reflection of everything that has been happening before or behind the scenes. It’s just not public thats the only difference.

---ref rp0115

Rob – Ok. One of your followers, I guess, has really enjoyed some of your graphics about the astrological and energetic windows. You have talked about a window of opportunity. They’re kind of curious about why you’ve stopped posting some of the energetic astrological conditions or its just been awhile since you’ve done that.

COBRA – I haven’t stopped. It simply was just that there wasn’t anything worth mentioning enough to post it.
---ref rp1114

Rob: Very good. We’re going to move into a little more personal energetic stuff with the people that want to know some of the other information, gradually here. OK Cobra, we have just expired on a Window of Opportunity and your last activation, which was successful as far as the activation. It seemed to be the best and strongest possibility to have The Event that we’ve had so far. This next Window in December 2014, what is different about this?

Cobra: OK, one thing that people need to understand the Window of Opportunity is just an increased possibility and The Event can happen at any time also outside the Window of Opportunity. The Light Forces are using the Windows of Opportunity to create an additional push toward The Event. Before the Window of Opportunity happens it is not known if the push will be strong enough to create the breakthrough. Obviously, this time it was not strong enough, but the critical mass of energy can be reached of any moment, of course. People don’t need to wait for a certain specific date or a certain specific timeframe for The Event to happen. Without us opening the portals the last few years the situation now would be much worse.. We have actually managed to divert many actions of the cabal and we have brought the situation quite far. Also, people need to understand that the situation on this planet is quite complex. The cabal had 25,000 years to build their network. Most people are only aware of existence of the cabal for a very short period of time.
---ref rp0514
Rob - have the Light Forces already set a new plan after delays and setbacks experienced during the current Window of Opportunity?

Cobra: I would say the general plan remains the same, but I would say some minor details have been changed. The Resistance Movement will not rely as much as it was before on the activities of the surface population because the surface population did not (garbled ?) during this particular Window of Opportunity. There was a little bit more conflict and less cooperation than expected. So, the Resistance Movement has decide to involve the surface population a little bit less. They will just continue with their plans and involve people on an individual basis, also on a group basis, but a little bit differently. They will not put so much emphasis on the population for the time being.

Rob: That makes sense. Especially with the current state of affairs in the way people react at this point in time.

---ref rp0514

Cardinal Cross

Alexandra – So, Cobra, here’s my question to you today. It looks as if the astrological setup has phenomenally played a major role in the changes on the planet. A lot of us would like to hear, since you have a very strong background in astrology apparently, what is your perspective on The Cardinal Cross in Pluto, Mars and Uranus. How is that affecting the unfolding of the new society now?

Cobra – This is a very challenging and very interesting moment which has great potential. It is actually the most tense moment in the last 2 decades and at the same time this moment has great potential because all of this tension a new society can be born. So it is a period when we have to be very careful of our actions at the same time this is a period when we can make the deepest, long lasting decision in our personal lives and also globally to influence the planetary situation.
---ref am0414

Spring Equinox

Alexandra – Yes. It seems that all indicators are revealing that this spring equinox is the major role-out for bringing forth this new paradigm, would you agree with that?

Cobra – Actually the spring equinox was the beginning of this window of opportunity I’m speaking about. This window of opportunity has actually opened on the spring equinox and closes on May 17. This time period of those 2 months is the key experience during which many things can happen.

Alexandra – This is truly a time where we’re going to alter history one way or the other.

Cobra – Exactly.
---ref am0414

Fall Equinox

Alexandra: What do you feel that the fall equinox is going to bring energetically for us to move forward. What is it going to be doing to assist us in this transformation?
C: It is creating a new balance between male and female energies and the new balance will allow us to grow more harmonious towards the event.
Alexandra: So again that’s also affecting the right/left hemispheres male/female.
C: Yes.
---ref am1013b

Lunar Eclipe

Alexandra – Definitely. Now what about the lunar eclipse? What is it through the eyes of a ground crew member, what is it that we need to be cognizant of during this time frame?. There’s a lot of potentiality for war and eruptions of emotionality. What is your comment on that?

Cobra – Yes, I would agree that there is a lot of possibilities for attention, but I would not focus too much on this. I would focus more on the opportunities now.
---ref am0414

Blood Moon

Alexandra – Sounds good. How does the blood moon fit into that whole spectrum?

Cobra – I am describing a little bit already about this new portal, this new window and this portal that is opening. I will describe this in detail in my blogpost very soon. You might say that within this is a window of opportunity is a more powerful portal opening on the first blood moon. There is a more powerful portal opening on the first blood moon which is happening, should be very soon, within the next few days, on the 15th of April depending on your time zone.
---ref am0414
Alexandra – How does this whole blood moon and sort of thing, how does that. . . .

Cobra – It is not actually a blood moon. It’s just a name that’s not a very good description of what is going to happen.

Alexandra – Interesting, because that is all over the place.

Cobra – Yes I know, it’s not a very good description of the moon which I would say is a normal lunar eclipse but at the same time this lunar eclipse will fall on very important Jewish festival.

Alexandra – Yea, you beat me to that. Tell me a little bit about that. Hasn’t it been a long time since we’ve had anything like this happen time wise?

Cobra – This information has in 1996 when there was this 7 day Israeli war and now it’s happening again. It does not mean that this war will repeat itself, but there will be a certain purification of the Cabal in Israel that will take place and has already for some weeks. Perhaps you know that embassies were closed for some time.
---ref am0414

Alexandra – Well do you agree that we are actually at that phase of the birth process of the final push?

Cobra – Well we have been in that space for some time but that exact moment of that breakthrough is hard to determine because there are so many factors involved.
Alexandra – So let me rephrase that, do you agree that we’re crowning? Cobra – Yes, in a way yes.

Alexandra -We are that close.  You agree we are that close right?

Cobra – We are very close but again, this is free will universe. I can not give you any guarantees that the breakthrough will happen inside this window of opportunity. Although it is quite possible, but I can not give any directives.
---ref am0414
Alexandra – One of the questions I had for you – this is a little bit going off subject – you know about the blood moons.  Supposedly there are 4 of them in 2014-15.  How does that play a part in the finanial system collapse.
Cobra – It’s not just about the financial system collapse – but about planetary liberation.  The Revelation of -the beginning of a new cycle,  the shift of the ages.  Astrological movement trigger energies that cann then trigger certain changes on this planet
Alexandra – Can you tell the audience exactly what a blood moon

Omen for Jews

Cobra – A Blood-moon that usually happen around spring or autumn equinox.  This year and next year – they fall on very important on jewish festivals.  It’s a big Omen for Jews. The last time it happened was year 79 when romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem.  For their perspective, it happens at a moment of Historical significance.  As you know the Cabal is obsessed with Jerusalem and Jerusalem temple.  Yes, it is a symbolic date for them as well
Alexandra – And they’re obsessed with this temple because?
Cobra – They are obsessed with this temple because their lineage of some of the illuminati priests come from this temple in Jerusalem.
---ref am0214

3 Eclipses back to back

Alexandra –  Can you tell us how do you see the impact of these 3 back to back eclipses that we are going through?  The first one was April 25th which we’re already kind still in the midst of.  We have the solar eclipses on May 10th, And we have the Portal on May 25th.  How do you see that affecting our planet, polarities, the psyche of the people, even just the dismantling of the financial and governmental systems.  How do you see that happening?
Cobra –  All those 3 eclipses are part of the process for the activation of the portal.  They are preparation and stepping up process in vibration to open the portal on May 25th.  The eclipse last week on Thursday, April 25 was the beginning of that process.  It was surprisingly successful for the light.  The Cabal were planning some rituals and were going to try to prevent the portal from opening but instead of that, a  huge amount of light came on the planet.  Certain things happened I’m not allowed to disclose quite yet  that were quite necessary for the preparation steps for the event.  Certain requirements have been met when that eclipse happened last week.  (Great). Victory of the Light.
A) –  That is great – phenomenal.  Are you basically saying that this is like birth pains?  going through contractions so to speak?
Cobra –  Something like that.  We have the eclipse on May 9th or10th depending on your time zone. This is the middle eclipse which will prepare the way for the portal itself on May 25th.
A) – Is the portal birth itself?
Cobra –  It is a big quantum leap for the planet.  It will be a huge Victory of the Light.  A huge advancement for the light forces on the planet.  After that date many things will be possible that are not possible now.  I’m not saying the event will happen then. I’m not saying that.  I’m saying that it will be a huge quantum leap and a huge improvement for the planetary situation from a background perspective.
A) –  My heart is leaping. That is only 25 days away.  So exciting.
Cobra –  You can already feel the energy increasing.  You can feel the acceleration happening in the last week or so.
---ref am0413

Star of David

Alexandra:... Before we even dive into anything else I would love to hear your perception on yesterday’s event the Star of David merkava planetary event.  How is that going to affect us and how that is going to affect the the political situation.  As far as from a galactic perspective.
COBRA:  Yesterday’s event is the first of the two events of the same nature.  the 2nd merkabah alignment is going to happen the 25th of August this year.  We are now in the period between July 29 and August 25th.  It’s a period of balancing civilization.  This period is very important because after the end of August intense changes will happen.   Certain operations of the light forces will be triggered after August 25h.  This is just a break.  Whatever you are feeling now, the intensity.  Things will get more intense after August.  Energies that are coming through this 6 pointed star is harmonizing everything. Much needed right now.

Alexandra: Yea, because things are so out of balance with all the things that have come to the surface. Correct?

COBRA: Yes. The energy of balance is one of he most needed energies on the planet right now.
---ref am0713

Venus Transit

Lisa: So how important was the recent Venus transit to what is going on here at the moment?

Cobra: Venus transit is one of the turning points for the planetary liberation because this is the day when the goddess energy finally returned completely to planet Earth and have been anchored also inside of physical matter of Planet Earth. This is a very strong energy that actually brings balance and peace after more than 5000 years of constant wars and conflicts and this energy influences everybody including the cabal so this is the reason why they were starting to consider surrendering. They never had that idea before, they have this delusional thinking that they are omnipowerful and omnipresent and they can do everything they want and get away with it, but now they are starting to realize that might not be the case.
---ref lh0612

COSMIC ALIGNMENTS / Clearing of Darkness

Elizabeth: This energy in the air that I am feeling is a kind of anticipation energy, as if we have more permission to feel that it is very close. We don’t have to restrain our desires; it’s coming toward us. These very interesting alignments that you’ve written about in your blog—why don’t you clarify that? I’m interested learning in how these alignments actually work, what really happens.

C: When these cosmic alignments happen, it’s like a portal of energies—a portal that connects our third dimensional world with higher dimension from the 5th and above. The energy from the higher dimensions, the light and love from higher dimensions, can pour into to our dimension and begin transforming it. Especially if we have a critical mass of human beings transmitting those energies, because every human being, whether they are conscious of it or not, is a transmitter of higher dimensional energies. Those energies can create a resonance field throughout the planet, which can begin to transform the situation on a very deep quantum level. This is what we are working for. This is what we are doing with our activations; we are transforming the quantum signature of matter on this planet. This is something that the Cabal cannot stop because they do not have technology on that level. It’s not possible, because it’s about consciousness—which is about all technologies.

E: Where can their power go and interfere and then when you work as Light forces to disempower them, can you describe what is that like? Does it appear in a physical form at all?

C: I don’t quite understand this question…

E: I don’t think I do either! I’m trying to imagine what it means to be clearing this field and undoing the negative power that you’ve described. I’m thinking about it like a housecleaner. Is it like finding the dark stuff and neutralizing it?

C: Yes, yes, exactly. The Light absorbs the darkness and transforms into the Light. It is like a big cleaning station, you might call it. It is planetary network of cleaning stations, which turns the darkness into the Light. Actually the darkness travels through a hyper-dimensional portal and then it is transformed into the Light. It is being absorbed by the Light.

E: So, it is like a vacuum cleaner…

C: Yes.

---ref ew0314

Also See The Event: TimeLines/Predictions | Obstacles


See Liberation of Earth: Intervention

Transformational Window (StarGate 1975-2025)

Alexandra: You also talked about the star-gate, the time window being opened from 1975-2025. You said “The transformation needs to be complete”. Can you clarify what the transformation means. The event itself, or the full unfolding and cleaning up the planet and healing humanity, etc.

Cobra : The whole transformation including the event and the purification and healing of humanity needs to happen before the end of 2025.

Alexandra: Wow, so we have 11 years. OMG. OK.
---ref am0114

(Alfred) So what you’re really saying is that there is an integrated multi-dimensional coordinated plan that multiple intelligent entities from different dimensions (from Agartha, the layers beneath the surface of the earth, lightworkers in the human population, the White Hats, the ethical Regional Galactic Governance Councils, the ethical ET’s and also spiritual dimensional beings) are working on -- that this is the Shift of the Ages -- and that we’re coming to the culmination of it because we’ve made the turn around the Galactic Sun in 2012. Is that more or less what you’re saying?

(Cobra) I would completely agree with everything except the timing, because it’s a process. The Stargate, the time window for the whole process, started in 1975 and will be over in 2025. It’s a 50 year transformational window. 2025 is when the transformation needs to be complete.

(Alfred) I can find some correspondence as to 2025. Several years ago I was at a conference in Majorca, Spain and I was there with a number of speakers and one artist, Francisca Blasquez that had been given some information. She’s of the Dimensionalismo school and had been told that the landing of heaven on earth will happen in 2025. So we did a thing called a Grito de Mallorca which means “the shout of Mallorca,” kind of like a victory cry, for 2025.
---ref aw1213

Alexandra – Fascinating. I read that “What will emerge is a new physically unified Gaia. Not unlike the one of 13 millennia ago. She will then be capable of restoring not only her own re-unified spirit, but also that of her entire multi dimensional solar system. Her rehabilitation will enable her solar system to return to the state of unity that existed prior to her being sent asunder by the perfidy of dark some 13 millennia ago.”

Cobra – Yes we are approaching the point of final liberation and this is the end of darkness, not only for this planet but for the whole galaxy and when this planet is liberated it will be a huge quantum leap for this whole galaxy. And many beings are watching and observing the planet right now and assisting in her energy for this final liberation process.

A) – How many civilizations are watching us?

Cobra – Millions and millions if not billions.

A) – Wow, so it is that many.
---ref am0413

Energy Flash of 1975 (Portal Opening)

(Alfred)What happened in 1975?

Cobra) It was the opening of a very important portal on this planet that opened on May 25, 1975. It was a flash of energy that started the purification process. This purification process actually brought to the surface awareness of the Cabal. Before 1975, the Cabal was doing the same things behind the scenes and nobody knew about it. After 1975, books started coming out exposing the dark and also highly inspirational books bringing in the light. So the whole process actually started then and it just accelerated.

Last year, in 2012, we passed a very important milestone. We are now in the most probable time for the Event to happen. We don’t need to wait until 2025. Now is the time for us to make the main breakthrough. (see Transformational Window above)
---ref aw1213

See Transformation: Star Systems

See Transformation: Dimensional Shift

Dispelling Fears

Rob - I wouldnt to bring that up but with information from Alex Collier I wouldn’t bring this up and you just made it clear on this post and answered one part of this question. I was wondering about the Nibiru.

Does the resistance have any information, and I’d like you to ask them if there are any other planetoid worlds or comets or anything dwarf, invisible sun as some people are saying, coming into our solar system and effecting our, you know volcanic activity, any type of things like that?

COBRA – OK. I know that answer already and they have been absolutely sure that there is nothing that will cause the orbit of the earth come close enough to disturb the tectonic activity on the planet or have any kind of catastrophic impact on the planet in the near future. So nothing like that exists inside our solar system right now.
---ref rp0116

Rob – OK. Very interesting. I did just have an interview with Randy Kramer that will be coming out soon a two part, the SSP guy. And he confirmed the information about the what is called, what he considers Nibiru and he says it comes every 3600 years. He said it will supposedly not arrive for another 1200 years.

According to Billy Meyers notes that I was reading they have bumped it’s orbit and it will not be a danger to the earth planet. You said anything that will cause a disturbance. Is it possible that there maybe another large something coming within in the solar system but would not cause tectonic damage that may effect weather or something like this.

COBRA – According to my understanding there is no celestial body that will disrupt life on earth. But what is happening and is already in the process of starting is the galactic pulse. The galactic pulse happens every 26k years and of course is already affecting whether systems on the planet.
---ref rp0116
Rob – Absolutely. There’s been some information that there may be some increased type of earthly cataclysm that may get humanity’s attention that would be a natural cataclysm that cannot be, you know, overcome by the Galactics. We have to have a certain amount of tectonic activity and it’s possible that some things could be happening.

I’d like to mention that there was an earth quake off the coast of Malibu and off of Alaska recently. And the one off Malibu is right at that location. Can you tell us, was that earth quake natural or was there something going on with that underground Malibu entrance.

COBRA – Nothing was going on at that particular location that was not natural. (See Earth Changes)

Rob – OK. So that is made that clear folks. Cobra says that there’s nothing coming in. The Nibiru thing is not correct according to cobra.

We’ve clarified that some of the people that were talking that were in a recent public announcement about this planet, it is not Nibiru, so no need to panic or fear. It’s not the destroyer comet.
---ref rp0116

Rob - ..."one of the interesting things for me was Alex Collier. At the end of his talk he talked about a dwarf – I’m not sure if it’s brown or red dwarf star – that he maintains is coming to the solar system very soon. And I asked him, ‘How do you know this? and he said, ‘I have a picture from a gentleman in the Navy who said the government knows about it. It can only be photographed in infrared.’

He says it’s approaching the solar system. I don’t know if it’s inside yet. He said it’s already causing volcanic activity outside Pluto. I asked him, ‘Did the A’s confirm this?’ He said, ‘They told me about this a long time ago’. My question is, I read in Billy Myers Contact notes many many years ago, when I was very young with Fred Bell, Wendell Stevens was sending them. They called this body that comes every 3,600 years the “Destroyer Comet”.

They actually said they had bumped it and it won’t be as much of an issue. But Alex, in his talk said that the Galactics will absolutely protect the Earth as much as possible but there may be some earthquakes, some tsunamis and tectonic movement, but it would not be cataclysmic or causing things. Furthermore, he said the peak influence will probably come sometime in 2016 or 17. Just curious. I always thought it was a myth. I thought if it’s there we could see it, but he said that, so I’d like to hear your views on that.

COBRA – I cannot confirm the existence of that body and, absolutely, I cannot confirm that there is a certain object that is coming to cause cataclysmic events on this planet. Basically what’s happening is the activity of the Galactic Center is increasing and that is why we have more earthquakes here and that is the main reason why we are having all those changes.

Rob – Okay, so from your contacts can you not confirm it for security reasons, or you absolutely do not know that the ET’s have not mentioned it to you at all and it’s never been brought up in any of your communications?

COBRA – I have never received any confirmation about the existence of anything that is returning in 3,600 years and making destruction in our solar system.
---ref: rp0815

Rob – OK. Someone named Ed Dames has reported in October on Coast to Coast that there is going to be a kill shot from either a comet or a sun spot. I give it no thing, but I did have several comments on this. Is there anything you can talk about the solar flares.

COBRA – Well, there be be continual solar activity but there will no drastic cataclysm in this time frame.
---ref rp1114


Lynn - Thank you. With so many stories going around the net about a multi dimensional jump, Wave-x pulse of light etc.... What do you Cobra, foresee happening around the days of the last blood moon at the end of September?

COBRA - It will be the usual normal September without any drastic events. Of course things will happen as they’re happening already. They might escalate to a certain degree but I am not expecting any ground shattering event or any cataclysmic event at that point. There are greater cosmic cycles that are more important than those blood moons or anything that people are predicting and September is not the time frame that the RM is expecting the big breakthroughs to happen.

Lynn - So we can all sit back and know that the event is probably not going to happen in September.

COBRA - I am not making any predictions specifically, but I’m saying that there is no need to be afraid of anything drastic or negative happening in the time-frame of September of this year.

---ref pc0815

Rob – – a particular individual has claimed exactly when a tsunami of energy is going to hit the earth and he’s maintaining it’s the 3rd week of September of this year, which is interesting. Always when someone says something like that. I have to roll my eyes. The other part is some people will likely go insane or hallucinate and obviously great changes will take place. I was feeling, my answer would be, Cobra, and I want to hear what you have to say, is that people will not necessarily go insane, although they’ll be shocked with the new type of energy. It might be like a mushroom trip where the energy shifts and reality will be so dramatically different people will have a time adjusting. Will people actually go insane or hallucinate?

COBRA – Okay. What will happen is the energies will be very strong, especially around the time of the event. Many of the suppressed emotions will come out. It does not mean that people will suddenly get insane. It will simply mean that everything that has been suppressed will come out to the surface to be released and pople will have strong reactions.

Rob – Okay, if that’s the case, the event could be around the corner. Lots of stuff going on these days.

---ref rp0715

sphinx star gate G-2 cloud

Somebody had written in. On 12th of Jan you were talking about the fall of the Archons. You mentioned the sphinx star gate G-2 cloud likely contained a star and increased the chances of a core explosion. Her response was if the cabal are worried, should we be? Is this indicating that there is great harm coming to earth.

Cobra – You don’t need to be worried but they need to be worried.

Alexandra – There you go. That sums it up short and sweet and to the point.
---ref am0214

Unknown Planet

Alexandra - There is an article out there that says a university student has seen a planet heading this way. There is a link. what is your opinion on that. I can read you a little bit: “The famous white planet that was discovered in the late 50’s and Dr. Strange said is real is heading this way. According to Rob Potter, Dr . Frank Strange is a contactee who met valiant Thor from Venus and there is an object that is benevolent and will eventually arrive here”.

Cobra – There is no planet heading towards earth.

Alexandra – (laugh) You sound sound disgusted Cobra.

Cobra – I’m just repeating what I’ve said many times before

Alexandra – I KNOW.
---ref am0214

Richard – Cobra, is it true what the Zetas are saying, that Planet X will be coming and cause a pole shift.
COBRA – No, it is absolutely not true. (thank you)
---ref pc0516 See Light Forces: RMPlanetX 

ISON Fall Out

Alexandra: Do we have any concerns about fallout from Ison.
Cobra : Absolutely zero. That comet has absolutely and completely disintegrated to nothing. It does not exist any more. None.
Alexandra: No fall out (no).
---ref am0114

Asteroid Impact in Atlantic Ocean

There is a warning from Russia – they are warning families in the US of an eminent asteroid impact in the Atlantic ocean. Can you talk about that? Is that true?
Cobra : No. There was an asteroid crash in the ocean on new years day crashed in Atlantic – It was a very small object. It was not dangerous.
---ref am0114

Nuclear Launches to Planets

Alexandra: This is interesting – there is some information floating around – that plutonium launched to hit Saturn. Do you agree

Cobra : There was a part of a secret space program. There were some experiments made. Also some launched toward jupiter. Those things are not allowed any more.
Alexandra: Good. Why Saturn. Is it because this is the planet of responsibilities and tasks and lessons and it affect us us on an emotional level. Why would the cabal do that?

Cobra : They did this experiment with all the major planets in the solar system at a certain point, not just with Saturn.
Alexandra: So we were just being in a petri dish to see how we reacted to that?

Cobra : Humanity will not tolerate it. They wanted to have a better understanding how matter behaved under extreme circumstances.
---ref am0114

Another Solar System

ALEXANDRA: What is your take on another solar system traveling through ours?

COBRA: It’s not happening.

ALEXANDRA: Is that because of Galactic Intervention?

COBRA: There are simply people disseminating strange ideas that have no basis in reality. I would recommend people get basic understanding of science, astronomy and of how things work in this universe and they will be better able to discern what is true and what is not.

ALEXANDRA: You feel safe. If you tape into it you feel safe. (YES) I don’t have that feeling of the sky is falling.

COBRA: There is a certain idea of a global costal event this month and it’s not happening. Relax and focus on more important things. These different tactics are to divert people and keeps people from taking action.

ALEXANDRA: So, It’s a diversion.
---ref am0613

Earth swinging into Uranus's Orbit

Alexandra: What is your feeling about one of the news reports was that the Earth was swinging into the orbit of Uranus?

C: Oh no, no of course not. As I said before you can read all kinds of nonsense over the internet. People have a little bit of rational mind and a little bit of intuition can have quite a good feeling about what is real and what is not.
---ref am0712